Tha Joker (US)

[Hook: Breana Marin]
It’s like I’m lost in the road, surrounded by foes
Wanna get in my spaceship fly away from the strangers
I don’t know where to go, don’t know who I know
Ever since I got famous, been a victim of changes
Now you see what I smoke, if you know like I know
Even though I’m on papers, gotta keep me a banger
Everywhere that I go, watch the people who’s close
Ever since I got famous feel I'm in danger
I don’t know where to go

[Verse 1: Tha Joker]
I don’t really f**k with people dawg I guess I’m too intelligent
Just too many faces never know who might be tellin' sh*t
Snitches in my clique naw that ain’t that street etiquette
All that'll get you is a subject and a predicate
Don’t never wear a frown, I get aroused when you hate on me
Tryin' to bring me down it means you already underneath
N***as always hate on me, wanna turn the page on me
I promise you gon' get you every issue of this magazine
Faces what’s for me beginning to look peculiar
Diamonds coming from nowhere but I just want me a mular
These b*t*hes out here sucking whatever think they feel cooler
I’m just tryin to wear a rubber and f**k the world till it oozes

[Verse 2: Don Trip]
Whoo, feel like it’s me against the globe
Old dirty money sh*t just might be growing mold
2 percent tint that’s the only way I roll, I got my eyes on my friends
I’m not threatened by my foes
My heart pumps ice I keep that heater on me though
I say baby I’m a rider and that's even if I drove
Beating up the block to put my pockets on swole
I need more than low Jack, I’m tryin' to find my lost soul
Money fill my middle space, that’s every day and any day
And hollow points to penetrate turn your beef into a dinner date
And anyone who’s in my way just KIA
East side guerrilla sh*t I’m strap like the NRA
Blowing all this fast money and faster it don’t mean sh*t
Coming from the school of hard knocks I swear I made the dean's list
So fresh to death, bare my problem while I boss
Took a look aside the mirror, and I swear I seen a ghost