Tha Joker (US)
Vegas nights
[Hook: Tha Joker]
These Vegas nights, look at all these lights
I know we livin' wrong, but it feels so right
Don't bring me down, let me fly right here
Don't take me home, let me die right here
Let me die right here
Let me die right here
Don't take me home, let me die right here

[Verse 1: Tha Joker]
I done took a trip, from the sip to the strip
Ain't no top on my whip
Ain't no top on my b*t*h
Put a rofie in my Jager, I won't remember sh*t later
On the roof like we tryin' find Doug
4AM, still tryin' to find drugs
Lotta bad b*t*hes out, kinda different type
I don't pay for it, but there's plenty I could buy
These ho's wet, so my phone it ain't ever dry
She gave it up, fan said it was her first time
But, what happens here stays
Take shots, we never get grazed
10 thousand on the car game, this sh*t ain't nothin' like spades
Poppin' bottles at the Palms, gold rollie on my arm
These ho's can't keep calm
I'm just tryin' to have fun on one

[Verse 2: Dizzy Wright]
Same place I learned how to ride a bike
Same place I learned how to write
Out of mind, you out of sight
My daddy wasn't around so my momma held your ground when she gave me the mic
Remember them school nights, movin' on through the night
Workin' on my game, trying to get my crossover right
It was my first dream dog, it ain't what it seems
And since then, I ain't been the crossover type
Now it's all rap, hold the highway in the trap
Same place I put this city on that map
N***a's remember me from Woodbury, see I was supposed to go to shop[?]
And then I moved and came back
And now I started on that basic, had to mixtape it
The transition sucked, but we made it
Got my first taste of some pu**y, made me a pro from a rookie
This the first place I got faded
Them other n***a's weak, they is not this
Shout out Jarren, SwizZz and my n***a Hopsin
Took a n***a in, from the city of the sin
But Imma D-I-E in the same place that Pac did