Hot Chelle Rae
Nothing Left to Hide
Kiss me, I taste him on your lips
Touch me, he's on your fingertips
Don't say that you were with your friends
Your eyes lie and I'm staring into him again
I see the faces that you've seen
Kills me the way it used to be
'Cause I know the places that you've been
Your eyes lie and I'm staring into him

When you feel the way I feel inside
You know that everything will be alright at the end
The end of the night

And when the whole damn city knows your name
And you know everyone figured out your game
You're exposed
The darkness changed to light
When you've got nothing left to hide

The beast waits in the shadows alone
Why stay here when you're not coming home
Tongue in cheek you've perfected the art
I've become the animal waiting in the dark
Words dance, a jester for her king
You say love but I don't feel a thing
Space goes as far as I can see
I'm the animal you're the enemy


[Pre-Chorus x2]

[Chorus x2]
To hide