Anita Baker
Ready For Your Love
You have known me too long
But I know you
And we’ve got a special vibe going on
And you know we…

You don’t even have to run and hide
And stop hiding what you feel inside
‘Cause everything’s not paid on time

And I’m ready for your love
Say, “I’m ready for your love”
Say, “I’m ready for your love”

Why should we wait so long
To prove ourselves to each other?
When love is bright in front of us
And all around the corner

That’s doing while the feeling is hot
I wanna give you everything I’ve got
You know, time will always change everything

And I’m ready for your love
Yes, I’m ready for your love
Say, “I’m ready for your love”
Love can be shown alone, riding wrong
But if we waited, it would be so much better
You’ve explained it, so very well to me
It’s gotta be but I want to be sure
I gotta be sure, whoa

But I’m ready for your love, sweat love
I’m ready for
Gimme your love, gimme your love, oh
Whoa, oh-oh-oh
I love ya, so I need you
Would send me, send me, send me in a hell
Don’t ever lo-- ever, ever, ev--
Hoo-ha you
I love ya, I need…
So le’ I want to feed
Would you give me, give me, give it
Give me, give it, girlie, give me, girlie