Anita Baker
[Geechie Suede]
I wanna rock right now
I brought my whole alliance and we all Bronx-bound
Drunk up off the cisco with the Figaro and links
Countin' all the moolah and the diamante sphinx
Dragging on the reefer's got my soul high for weeks
I think I see 5 put the mag under the seats
We living like it's dynasty with custom-made juice
[?] blaze is empty I need to get loose

[Sonny Cheeba]
Watches into the lil underworld
Put sugar walls in naked cities under sniper's moon
The house of bamboo is shining love acupuncture
Menage a trois the French connection is the satin prince
Watch the re moment and taste up in seventh heaven
On cloud 9 contact Minnesota fats
Let em dream let em dream
Of the satin city
When of the wine those moonshiners fine as Hollywood
How we do how we do

[Hook x2]
Coast with me in the vicar
Six figures on ice
Erryday type bidness
Diamond cork franchise
[Sonny Cheeba]
The high from Sonny Cheeba
Connect with the Sheba baby shan
The snatch gold and free c'est la vie
Midnight sun melting ice grills of the face
Mr. frost they close with the slaves of New York

[Geechie Suede]
Tiffany conniption
Persist and clutch extension
Connive and blade heiress underseas tension
Cut close with toast
Cherish pearl tongues
Arabian nights designing dreams for the young

[Sonny Cheeba]
Way out with the satin struthers
And erryday's Hollywood on my satin dogs
They was with Dr. Feelgood in my seduction palace
On king size Ethan Allen
Comin better cheat
Inside my nutcracker suite

[Geechie Suede]
First notice black lotus
Blow this with friction
Currency exchange multiple digital diction
Remote control corners, digested sugar
Praise be the Lo-ah for love we gon' live it
[Hook x2]

[Sonny Cheeba]
Love for the cot
It's hot sugar live on the block
A flight to the Jungletown plot
They shine a light put the jizm up in the flow
My air tight sugar flow and slick lo enough
I'm on a blockbust with the jungle game prayed
And shakedown from the main squeeze erryday
Put notes on the bricks with the razor out dice
And check it out why yo get out black [?]

[Geechie Suede]
And now we live that pop life, tequila sunrise
Mo Don visions, China doves cry
Reflect off the ocean, Graceland moves
Pacific height action, the firestar crew
Vanilla trench apron, istol underneath
The ballantine believers, not when I sweep
The odyssey of lo-ah, boy it's to the sky
Brigante syndicate for the solar flight high

[Hook x2]

[Outro: Sonny Cheeba]
Sonny Cheeba, he be drinkin' Amaretta
Geechi Gracious, he be drinkin' Amaretta
To everybody, on me, Amaretta
The Diamond Crooks, they be sippin' Amaretta
The Jungle Brown, he be sippin' Amaretta
To everybody, on me, Amaretta
The Diamond Crooks, they be sippin' Amaretta
The Sonny Cheeba, he be sippin' Amaretta
The Midnight, he don't get no Amaretta
[?], sippin Amaretta
The Tri-state, they be floodin' Amaretta
The [?], they be drinkin' Amaretta
The Geechi Gracious, he be sippin' Amaretta