Trick Trick
The Game
[Verse 1: Mysonne]
Y'all ain't killers, y'all stand up comics
[?] I caught [?] to make you vomit
Fuck around, get robbed on the red carpet
Have you on your knees like you eslomic in your garmets
All I want is the jewels, n***a keep your wallets
Killers move in silance
Catch you out of bounds, nock you off balance
Ya'll n***as is clowns, my part of town freek killers
Your part of town, freak snitches
Bitch ass n***as
Everybody tryna get rich fast, n***a
Everybody gotta rat
And every hood rat chick I knew took they income tax check and got a [?]
I ain't mad at ya, you heard 2pac
I like the way them curves looking, plus the boob job
Look up to you god, when times get rough
And I fucks with Kay Slay, cause he ride with Gruff
Line them up, knock them all down like bolling pins
I ain't gotta say too much, you already know it's him
They reppin, whole Harlem down without a question

[Verse 2: McGruff]
The game different, you lames with it
Way these n***as dress, you can't tell me they ain't women
I ain't with it
I'm in a whole different lane
Get respect cause I came into the game
[?] give a n***a nothing
Grind and I earned my [?]
Game was [?] been mines the first time
Life teaches lessons, n***a and I learned mine
[?] worst time
Can I get an eh men, like it's church time
[?] Google the search mines
I prefer peace, but if you shoot at me, it's war
Don't believe in the law
I believe that the lord put a n***a here to fight till he ain't breathing no more
More blacks die [?]
We gon kkeep shooting [?] till we start shooting them back
[Verse 3: Freeway]
Motherfucker trust I got the ratchit on
I don't rock with these other rappers, they be rapping wrong
All them n***as sound alike, they should do a rap along
I left them over there, ccause I'm lightyears passed them all
[?] pull a clip, [?] cast them off
Gun this shit, man I run this shit like a triathlon
You wanna go outside and play, you gotta ask your dad
You wanna grind and get this paper, you gotta ask the don
[?] me and [?]
Dick eaters, you chearleaders need palm palms
I'm on the northside of Philly with a [?]
I will never leave her, cause [?]
If you copping, gotta grab more than [?]
This shit is interesting, boy I'm thinking [?]
My Colt 45 put an end to guys
My knife gut you n***as, when I put it in a guy
What's wrong with these new rap n***as wearing dresses and blouses?
Acting like they into guys, [?] favorite color indago
All y'all gotta go, cause you're living lies
[?] that's a friend of mine
AK spray be the cause of your demise

[Verse 4: Trick Trick]
[?] world turning counter clockwise
Salute to the wise that choose to rise
Above these dudes in disguise
Grown ass men with a [?]
I don't fuck with this new age shit they say I'm [?]
[?] polish
Me and Slay go [?] I promis
Put these n***as on the scales, for real let's be honest
Really don't want these fucking problems
I round them up like [?]
If we [?] about my money, then homie [?] meet you at your mama's
Fuck the police, you better call Obama
Soon as the drama get to poppin, ain't no turning back
That white powdery substance [?] with that
Never use it or abuse it cause the homie [?] never get high off your own supply
See you little [?] queens
All on the 'Gram with your Lean
Bragging bout you just popped a bean
Dragging in a dress, [?] beam on your forhead
You ain't even know that
[?] little cocksuckers
Keep your bitch ass [?] cocksucker
You a fuck n***a, [?] brothers
[?] every city you show up in outnumbered