Trick Trick
You know something about cocaine?

(Cocaine), forget about a quarter
Move your body down, straight through the water
Bring across the water, when it touchdown, server it on the corner
It comin' right back, comin' right back, n***a, comin' right back
(Taste it, you taste it)
You comin' right back, bitch, you comin' right back, yeah you comin' right back

[Verse 1]
We get about a truck-load
Kick them bitches out, we own this money, n***a, fuck hoes
Back it up in warehouses, unknown
Killers in the back, guerillas at the front door
Cocaine (Uh), something you must know
Ain't no love in this game, everybody cut throat
Cocaine, turn a good girl bust
Hol' up, money is the only thing I lust for
Used to get 'em eighteen, everybody twenty-two