Trick Trick
Damn Fool
Yeah (Hehehe)
Yeah! [?] Diezel, fucking with you n***a
Trick Trick!
(Damn right), Okay

[Verse 1]
It's the return of the illest motherfucker
Ever shit between two bricks
Not one, but two tricks, n***a, too sick
They won't come to the D, they say I'm too slick
You wanna know who I'm talking about? You, bitch
Keep your Twitters about me, save your two cents
Very few real n***as that's doing this music
Bitches call me ignorant, n***as call me a nuisance (What!)
I can say "Fuck this beat", and do it acoustic
The shit that I'ma say to a n***a will make 'em useless
The Sqwad get ahold of a n***a, they make him toothless
Ooh shit, I'm by mysеlf and you're crew-sick
Ask about big homie, thеy gon' tell you I'm ruthless
Smashing you ho-ass n***as' on my to-do list (Woo)
Right after I murder this cowboy at Ruth Chris (Yee-ha)
Run up on 'em, scale him in his throat with a toothpick
Fuck the police, I'm on that old school Cube-shit
Pushin' so much dick in these hoes they call me broomstick
Remember last summer when the fifteen police come get that
Crazy n***a, and all of 'em got fucked up?
That's me!