[Hook: 2X]
What's that in my crib?
A party!
House so big, that's gnarly
Whip game party, wrist game party, rich game party
Insane party!

[Verse 1]
I pulled up to my party, in my new Ferrari
What's this in my water?
Shit this must be molly
This bitch is hella drunk, she lookin' hella sorry
Rich chandelier, r-r-retarded
Who's knockin' at the door?
Hugh Hefner!

Party goin' crazy, who could do it better?
Bitch you ain't invited, unless you gettin' cheddar
This bitch is hella wet, so bring an umbrella
Whole street blocked off - traffic
This is my party! - r-ratchet
Shit you never seen - magic

Don't sit on my couch!
That's Versace fabric
I [?] in Liberace, bitches snortin' [?]
This ain't once a month, bitch we do this all the time
I walked into my room, bitches butt-naked
Party, party, party, let's all get wasted!
Party! At my residence
Everybody here, we even got the president (Obama)
You ain't at my party, bitch you irrelevant
Rockstar wasted, bitch we hella bent
Speakers so loud, we blowin' out the windows
[?] this party [?], they blowin' out the [?]

Runnin' trains on a bitch, monkey in the middle
All hoes suckin' dick, Nintendo
It's my party, I'll get high if I want to
You ain't my bitch, so you know I don't want you
[?] off drank, ooh I caught you!

Said you want another shot?
Well my bartender ain't got you
Be mad if you wan't to
Bitch I'm a party animal!
Bitches eatin' bitches out, cannibal

Five-o at the party
That's not understandable
They was at the door, I let 'em in
I got manners, too!