It's the murderer, it's the murderer
It's the murderer, it's the murderer

[Verse 1: V-Nasty]
Just hit us some stacks, got the pistol in the backpack
One in my hand, leave a n***a with no get-back
I'm on some solid shit, what you n***as callin' it?
You're all diggin' holes, got you n***as fallin' in
You know me and my real n***as show off, we ball off
Late night creepin' in the rental, tinted windows
Got bitches sayin' suspects didn't know
Came back nothing more, leave no witness though
Bad bitches say', "V-Nasty, you a all-star!"
I'm kilin' bitches, come back in a new car
They shot up at my whip but it didn't get 'em far
I'm aimin' at bodies, bitch, I don't shoot at cars!

[Verse 2: Kreayshawn]
Come back on the murder game, Kreayshawn has a thang
Well, that's a big thang
[?] really make a bitch sang
We can make a song if you buy back a chain
Got your bitch ride, whole face blown out
187 on a ho is what I'm talkin' 'bout
[?] poppin' off the couch
She don't believe what we always talkin' bout
Run out, talk shit, get pushed back
White girls got clips like we in Baghdad
We active, a real savage
A murder charge? We ain't have it
We backin' out, just got the passport
We ain't scared of a bitch, passin' Newports
I smoke it slow man, I love to blow, man
I pull my pistol out, and let the trigger pull, man
[Verse 3: V-Nasty]
Woke up in the middle of the night on some freaky shit
Busters callin' me askin' why I'm never speakin' that they higher than me now
Asking why I knocked them down
Filed a missin' report, the brain was never found
Had to chop his body up, in the river, he drowned
I'm on some psycho shit, kill a bitch for the fuck of it
Leave no evidence, no fingerprints
187 homicide coming close to where you sleep at
Yeah these voices ain't let me get my sleep back
3 AM outside, early mornin'
Creepin' through your window while its rainin' and pourin'
Got these keys to my whip and my whip game foreign
Got haters actin' like they adore me
[?]fake bitches on that type of shit got for me
Come through the front door, break your whole family
N***as talkin' shit, but you knew you was my enemy

Warning! Warning!
This mixtape may cause rubber bands to bop, paper to stack, guns to bust, and [?] to rain!
It should only be listened to in the fast lane!
With the windows up, blowin' pur-