Gone Stupid
[Verse 1: V-Nasty]
Bitch, I really do it, bitch, I'm goin stupid
These n***as better know me, cause I toat that 40
They ain't really cared bout me, now they all up on me
And they really trippin, cause I stay with that 40
A bird, go ber
Whisper in my ear
Yeah, I wanna hear you, what the fuck you heard
Kreayshawn on the map, V-Nasty on the map
N***as better know, I got my sisters' back
Watch out, lil n***a, cause I shoot your ass up
Fuck you, n***a, man, I just bust a nut
With this fuckin Mac, n***a, you got fucked
Watch out, lil n***a, cause I hang your ass up

[Verse 2: Young Hawaii]
OK cool, my bitches gettin wet, just like a pool
Got them swimming truncks on, you know I'm a fool
I'm stupid too, actin dumb at yo party
I'm sippin Remy and Henni, not fuckin with no Pacarti
Young n***a, got game like Bacardi
V-Nasty and me, pullin on your shauty
But we don't know what to do with her, other than break her
Like a toy, you know me, pimpin with some toys
Kickin it with the boys, smokin on some loud
Tell me what that Bobby Brown, taste it, like right now
I be like, ow ow
You goin woo woo
I'm chillin with your bitch, pullin up, in the Coope
Iced out thug, yeah, they call me Lil King Koopa
Hold up, you know
I know I know
Back in the day, I sold blow
Poppin hella pills, geekin at your porch
Yoou know I'm doin thangs
Blowin Mary Jane, doing everything
With the 40, yeah, yeah, runnin game

[Verse 3: Kreayshawn]
Bitch, you ain't sellin shit
Fuckin on her all night, yeah, I sold that bitch
I fuckin kissed it, I'm fuckin with it, yeah, you know me
I fuckin gave it to a knock when I was holding
And he cashin out, what I'm talkin bout
20 dollars for the rocks, then I'm out the house
Yeah, the trap house, that's where I'm at
Got that black tar, with my backpack
Yeah, I ball on the block, and I'm survin
This is what I do, bitch, you didn't know I'm workin
Man, I'm workin up with jerkers
Got that fuckin work in my perse, and it's hardened
And it's heavy, all white bricks
Got my white girls, white girl clique
And the white waggen, for the white hoes
Man, so much what you think I'm Jesus
Man, please us, that is what we do
I'm bout that trap shit, bitch, I thought you fuckin knew
Kreayshawn roll through, with the pink thang
Everybody on my dick, like, oh, dang
Oh dang, Kreayshawn, and I'm holdin
Yeah, I got that work, yeah