Check It Out
I'm comin to the top, straight off the ground
All the other ladies, I take m down
This AR 15 makes a hella of a sound
Fuck with me, I knock you down
I'm from east Oakland, where my n***as be squeezin
My pinky choaked them bitches, them bitches sneezin
Wrist so cold, bitch, I think I'm freezin
Send the bitch out in the rain, make her bairly breathing
I'm so fuckin perfect, make them hoes flip 4
Take the bitch, find that shit on the corner
Please stop playin, bitch, you know I kill m all
Me and my clique of bitches, gotta have it all
I was down, now I'm up
Gotta have it all
So I'm gonna keep on walkin, cause I shoot for fun
Got a bitch, nails done, in my safehouse tryna fuck
Fuck these n***as raw, I kill m virgins
Check me out, check me out