Fresh Out Freestyle
[Verse 1: V-Nasty]
I got a 30 clip on 30s, in a Range Rover
Ten inch dick, that my pussy all over
My n***a is a master, but I'm the controler
Bitches talkin shit, Imma murder what I wrote her
I fuck with my n***as, on the block, we hustlin
Sittin on stacks, the money we touchin
Got pistols and choppers, so you know we bussin
Came to your n***as spot, and I left him with nothin
I'm a real ass bitch, and I never be fake
I can't slow down now, cause I got money to make
You can catch me, posted, actin like Ace
And that town I rep, Imma be screamin my place
N***as always talkin shit, out their mouth
Watch how I bring them choppers out
You broke ass bitch, watch how I hop out
These n***as already know what the fuck I'm bout

[Verse 2: SpaceGhostPurp]
I'm with Nasty, you know I'm black too
I'm in your house, slappin your bitch, like where the Coke, dude
What's the motherfucking combo to the safe, bitch
Me and V-Nasty hittin licks, and you bitches ain't safe
I'm dippin in the motherfuckin scraper
You ain't fuckin with SpaceGhostPurp, you's a hater
And I'll see you later, you can get it now
I'l beat your ass down, pow
I'm chillin with Young Slim, and Hawaii too
Find bitches, then kill and drill m too
You stupid, I got bricks
I don't need the tool, I can hit you with the sword
Got these diamonds, oh lord
Don't have the sword, and you don't send gifts
Bitch, I don't give a fuck bout you, or your bitch
I sold Crack to my own mother
So ask me, are you grimey, brother
I ain't your brother, you don't know me, from a fuckin tree
Fuck with all the pain, who, me
Na, I think not