Gucci Mane High
Got all thit shit, Jimmy Chews on my feat
Bitch, I'm off the pills, and my bitches all geeked
I'm so high, Superman high
Drank in my cup, and I'm 20 bands high
Lookin real bad, but we gotta stay lin
Cashin out them shops, throwin purple in the sky
N***as all choosin, white girls fly
All them hood n***as good, and these other n***as frontin
Clamin they busters, but they ain't touch nothin
Stacks in the pot, can't nobody fuck with us
Bitches wanna fuck, but we Superman high
Superman high, throwin stacks in the sky
Leanin of the purp, we chace it with the Patrone
Mobbin with my white girl, where she go, I go
Bottle number 4, and we still takin shots
Buy out the building, then we go to our spot
Smash on a Holliday, 30 bitches too
See my brother Ronny, and he gettin money too
N***as wanna fuck with us, but we make m choose
Step in the club, with them Gucci heals
Damb, I'm high, off them pills
And I keep the strap, never been fake
And I always keep it real, Juicy J flow
Juicy Catoore on my wrist, icey ass necklace
I'm a classy bitch, with a little twist
I'm from the hood, so I be with the shit
And I fuck a bitch, she see my drip
That's my sis, she a fucking goon
And we come in two, like a hood n***a should
Free my n***a Fargo, straight to the doose
All them n***as ladies, got me feelin cool
Off a lot of purp, me and my bitches bout to pop that pill
Now we on that Tyson shit, Gucci Mane type of shit
You broke bitches, ain't gettin rich
Gotta stay fly, Superman high
I'm in the club, Gucci Mane high