All the Money (Radio Version)
I got all the fuckin' money in the world right now
So I'm all up on yo girl right now
All this fuckin' money don't know how to spend it
Fuck it my team winnin' so I throw a couple millions

Said that Maybach I'm in it
Credit card no limit
Bad bitches be grinnin'
Fuck yo ho, we winnin'

[Verse 1]
Rolex on my wrist, 40 on my hip
50 round my neck, 60 hoes on my dick
We all got Benz, you ain't fuckin' with my clique

12 our flights so you know I'm takin' trips
Rich forever like I ain't never goin' broke
Billion dollar bitch that you'll never get to know
Came from nothin', straigt up out the O

Million on my mind, man you know this kid go
Maybach I'm in it, you could call that livin'
Credit card no limit, I just bought out True Religion
My whole team winnin' so you know we all on
Just bought a whole street, my money still on
Bought a new [?] gave the keys to moms
G5 jets, takin' trips to Mars
What I'mma do with all these cars?
I don't know, I'm on one

Get money on deck
B-bitch I'm only 21
You better ask about me
Don't fuck with too many fake hoes
So bitch get the fuck from 'round me


[Verse 2]
I parked the all black Phantom, at the all white Mansion
Your hoes stay be active
All them hoes is ratchet
Fuck the law enforcement!
I'm looking for endorcement!

Brand new Lamborghini, bitch I'm ridin' in them horses
Money talk to the ceiling, your must have a shortage
Shoes $1500, and yo ass can't afford it!

I'm always countin' money, said I always got a profit
If I ever went broke, I'd be runnin' through your pockets
I'm a millionaire, you could call me a rich kid
Buy new whip every month cos bitch I'm on my rich shit
Girl you can not fuck with me unless you is a rich chick
I'm on my Dave Chapelle shit
I'm rich bitch!