2 Much
All this time
Too damn high

Rich Rollski...

All this time, I'm thinkin' that
I'm just, too damn high
But the truth is, thinkin' about you (Too much!)
I've been thinkin' about you (Too much!)
Been thinkin' about you (Nasty!)
Been thinkin' about you - too much

[Verse 1: V-Nasty]
Can I hit it one more time?
Can I hit it one more time?
Bitch stop playin' cuz you know that pussy mine

Yea this bitch fine but you is on my mind
When I'm fuckin her
Girl you know me, I ain't lovin' her
I'm thinkin' bout you when I'm fuckin' her
Girl I'm feelin you wen I'm touchin' her

(Too damn high) Why we gotta love from a distance baby?
I just wanna fuck this instant baby
You ain't got to, but listen, baby
Who you fuckin' lately, got me goin' crazy

[Verse 2: Trill Prada]
Let me hit it, let me hit it
Baby bet a n***a miss you too much!
Pussy bomb I salute don't need a crew cut
We could jump in the 60, kick ya shoes up
Girl you know you bomb, call it Baghdad
Make the city go boom when that ass clap

When you throw it in a circle I'ma [?]
Holup, fucka bitch - where the racks at?
Look all this time, punk bitch sittin here tryna act like she mine
All this time, nevermind fuck a bitch, I'm about to roll a dime


[Verse 3: G Austin]
Tell me somethin', everytime I see you, babygirl you be frontin
Too damn late too damn fly, everything about ya girl oh my
My, my, girl don't stop, doin what you're doin
Cuz you know I gotta watch
You the top model baby girl you're on my clock
If I gotta work for you, girl I won't stop, wassup

Wassup, wassup, wassup
Girl you're too fine, too fine