Pray For My City
[Intro: V-Nasty]
Hey, what's the Murder rate right now? Matter of fact, turn this song off, go on the internet, and look at East Oakland murder rate right now....

[Verse 1: V-Nasty]
This shit is getting crazy
8 people shot and a 8 year old baby
My prays go to your family
High roller
I don't know you but this damaged me
It hurts to see what them cameras see
Another boy got shot a week ago
He was only three and y'all know this feels
Everyone I grew with is getting killed
I don't think I can handle it
Everywhere, it's a bottle, it's a candle lit
In the city and the siege
Every time I turn around they screaming RP
My bruhs locked up so I'm always yelling free
Watching Channel 2 will make you hate TV
I miss all my bruhs
I'd give all this up just to see little Nertie and give him a hug
Fuck the internet, they don't know V
They think I'm a gimmick, slide through the east
See how many real motherfuckers fuck with me
If you don't like it , oh well, don't fuck with me
[Interlude: V-Nasty and Mistah F.A.B.]
Hey Fab Man, let them know what's up in these streets man
And, I know mommas is stressing out, kids fighting life and shit
V, I feel you
This shit ain't cool, bruh
This some real shit

[Verse 2: Mistah F.A.B.]
They say this city lost
No one to lead them from the evil
They blame the Anti-Christ
Oh shit, I blame the people
You know them OGs in the 80s
Man, that's so D, the messages like Brodie
Pimped our mommas left us lonely
I grew up without no daddy
My momma smoking rocks
All my brothers selling crack
Man, all my brothers, man, they locked
In this city, got some killer cops
Now these n***as killing cops
See the under civil war
I wonder, when will the killing stop?
Praying for Mr little, I hope he pulling through
If something happen to my daughter, I don't know what I would do
Man, if you don't know the struggle, then you don't know the pain
How you come from appearing when they're trying to have you slain
This shit should have had you crazy, fuckin' up your brain
I done cried came down like rain
Moment of silence, show pity
Somebody bow down and pray for my city