Running from the Cops

[Verse 1: Tish Hyman]
Money is the motivation, I be laughing
Cashing while you be hating, my whole path is on constant elevation
While you ain't half of the half of the n***as that you came with, 25%
I wouldn't pay 25¢ to hear you spit; I'd rather listen to my mama have sex
You're too meek, and I pray you're not weak
First bitch too funny, be my dinner of the week
Posting pics on Instagram, instant damage, eating beets like I'm famished
Damn right, I'm fucking with a freak if she's Spanish
Still getting money with the n***as that I ran with
Back when that white stuff in my pocket wasn't no aspirin
You want to get your ass kicked? Fuck with this black bitch
Andy Milonakis, V-Nasty, aw shit
Y'all n***as really don't know what you started

[Hook: Tish Hyman]
When I was just a kid, I used to run from the cops, cops, cops
And I never stopped, stopped, stopped
Running from the cops, cops, cops
Oh, my mama said don't you hang with them thugs, thugs, thugs
But I like to do drugs, drugs, drugs
Make rhymes and get drunk, drunk, drunk

[Verse 2: Andy Milonakis]
I don't stutter when I spit, but I'm from the gut of hotness
Andy Milonakis, holding ya hostage
My best ain't dirty; they came from the street
V-Nasty rolled through in the off-cream Jeep
And Tish be rolling back-to-back
She think I'm real fly when I'm acting black
But I ain't acting like a fact in Tinactin
Make a pussy do a backspin, no I ain't no has-been
The husbands sure love me, the night, you lying
Fuck with my family, you damn sure dying
That's not a funny rapper, I said it cause I meant it
It's Andy Milonakis; your rap name's rented
I'm realer than your college philosophy teacher
I'm in the club with Kanye; he paid me for a feature
60 raps, 60 stacks, 60 bams

[Verse 3: V-Nasty]
I woke up this morning, stressed about a lot of shit
My mess up with money, so you know that's what I got to get
Go is where I'm running to, got to get a lot of it
If you've got more than me, it's a test that I be poppin' shit
Drop your shit, lock your shit, slow down if you're talkin' shit
If you need a good connect, me and you is talkin' bricks
Yeah, I hit a lot of licks; I'm trying to be done with it
You playing with my money, so I hope you're having fun with it
Staying with my 40, I bet it be a drummer then
I'm pimping on these bitches, just know I like come with it
Fuck the fist, got a center of investigation
More and beaker to come on, I can't be patient
Can't keep waiting, I'm about to start tripping
Came to my mama's house, they all started dripping
I'm not wasting time unless it's about profit
Bitch, I'm getting high, me, Tish, and Milonakis