V-Nasty & Kreayshawn Freestyle
[Intro: Kreayshawn]
Oh, it's some fire right here!
You ready, you recording?

[Verse 1: Kreayshawn]
What up, bitch? I heard you go to FitHim
What up, bitch? I see you dancin' with no rhythm
What up, bitch? I heard you like that gangsta rap
But you'll probably piss your pants if you ever seen a trap
I fuckin' hate a [?], but I love my trapper keeper
That's why I kept my work, go ahead and ask my teacher
I got pretty [?], did you major in photography?
Well I didn't, fuck that noise, I'm a self-taught prodigy
Obviously, I'm probably a bonafide problem child
I was born with hella C's, you had to go buy your style
Ginger spice, ginger spice, hustle hearts and Fisher Price
You offer up a couple [?], I just hit that swisher [?]
Sporty spice, sporty spice, hustle heart for 40 mice
40 days, 40K, 40 hoes, 40 wives
40 fashion students who even design and do my merchandise
And she hella shallow, damn, she could be my perfect wife, whoo!

[Verse 2: V-Nasty]
It's me, bitches! Miss me, bitches?
Nasty if you ask me, a n***a wanna hit this
But I be where the cash be, 'cause I'm about business
And a chopper rock a n***a head right off the hinges, yeah
[?] on my neck and wrists
I'm shinin' like a diamond, 'cause I'm a dirty pimp
Your n***a try to find me, but I be in the jets
Rollin' up a zip, loadin' up the Tech
Hop out the whip with a lot of chips on me
I ain't talkin' Pringle, but I got stacks on me
I ain't tryin' to mingle, but your man sure want me
I "hi" and "goodbye" him, 'cause I'm so bossy, yep
It's V-Nasty, bitches be nasty
Fuck a Barbie bitch, tell 'em to get or come catch me
I'm so [?], I stay on my job
[?] as Nicki Minaj
[Outro: Kreayshawn & V-Nasty]
Yay! Yeah, shit!
Yeah, that's Oakland. That's Oakland, boy baby
That's Oakland swag! Oakland swag!