Cocaine 80's
This Can’t Be A Crime
[Verse 1: James Fauntleroy]
Excuse me baby
Can we
Get in the bed baby right now
Wherever we, happen to be
Hold on
Girl put the grass to the side now
It's time for sheets
Forget 'bout the leaves

[Bridge 1: James Fauntleroy]
I hear 'em coming now
Not in a rush but then
If they try, to trip while I love you down
I'll say what is you talking 'bout

[Hook: James Fauntleroy]
This can't be a crime [x4]

[Verse 2: James Fauntleroy]
Can I
Get in your head baby right now
See what you see, breathe when you breathe
Hope you're
Not in a rush to forget me
I'll play the the keys, you be Patrice
[Bridge 2: James Fauntleroy]
Sirens are playing loud
They're loud as hell if they
If they try, if they try to drown us out
Girl the windows are coming down