Cocaine 80's
[Verse 1: Common]
Flowers bloom, the early part of June
Noon is the time
Stay in tune, there's a lot going through my mind
Got up this morning, smelling like fumes of wine
My man had his bachelor's, an exclusive time
We're getting ready now, he 'bout to walk the aisle
A pimp's funeral, but we're gon' walk in style
I'm feeling proud, yet I'm feeling funny
And it ain't cause his n***as still owe me money
Cause it's my buddy here
We've been through lots of years
Lot of beers, lots of fights, lots of nights
Dreams about our career
Now we're here in these tuxes
I remember back when we was hustlers
Move work, doing dirt, girls say we ho'ed around
Still doing it, we're just older now
Fixing his bow-tie, his collar, I fold it down
I'm the best man, I'm supposed to hold it down
We're sober now, but I'mma be lit tonight
One of these bridesmaids, I might have to hit tonight
He said "The Light" is his first song, I'm honored
It's already been drama, she don't like his momma
Maybe that's karma, huh, he's a good cat
A good cat ain't supposed to be with a hoodrat
I knew her back, back, when we went to FAMU
And like a black college, a lot of n***as ran through
Scandalous, the type you can't trust
Whatever you get her is just never enough
Plus, about her, I know too much stuff
Of being straight bogus, she's on the cusp
I'mma hush, cause today is his big day
These colors we're wearing, yeah they're a bit gay
But anyway, I told him when we first started
Now we must toast for the sincerely departed
Am I being jealous-hearted, I'm debating
Maybe cause my guy's in love, I'm just hating
We're waiting on Reverend Clayton and for her to get ready
The church bells is ringing and the ring is real heavy
Heavy, heavy, heavy, heavy
You remember that, man
You remember that, yo
Yo, I ain't even, I ain't even gonna lie
Yeah, I can't really make it in step with this girl
Nah man, it's what a man's gotta do
It's a good thing for you, man
Yeah, we gon', yeah
It's gonna be right

[Verse 2: Common]
It's a Black wedding, you know it started late
Family members arguing on who gon' get a plate
His relatives saying they just can't relate
To her being his Mrs., it's a big mistake
I feel the same way, I'm tryna be supportive
It's hard when I think of ball players she then courted
But I ain't gonna agitate, I congratulate
It's like a weave, half is real, half is fake
They knew the caterer, so they got it half the rate
Her father, Mr. Cook, looking like he half baked
Pimped out in red velvet, his suit match the cape
Looking at his watch, damn, how much these pastors make?
But wait, oh shit, there go his ex-girl Shawna
Man, I hope it don't be no drama
That lady in the big hat, that's his grandmama
For him taking a step, I at least gotta honor
Cause maybe she changed, and I'm just tripping
We're walking down the aisle, the CD is skipping
I read between the lines, see, that's the sign
Kind of mixed about when it will be my time
To settle down
Her little niece Sherice throwing petals down
Looking at marriage
Narrow is the aisle, as they were saying their vows
A ghetto phone went off with the song all loud
Wiping my brow, cause now I'm nervous
She looking beautiful in her dress, I'm looking at her curves
It's natural to look, I try to look off
He said, speak or hold your peace, I gave a good cough
"Are you serious?" The reverend smelling filthy
But on the real, I'm the one feeling guilty
Cause if this was court and I had to tell the truth
I should have told my man before he said I do
[Outro - Cocaine 80s]
I gotta tell you what's good, think it's all bad
I congratulate you like it's all that
Got my dress, I'll stand up for your celebration
Even though it's love imitation
Imitation, imitation

Congratulations, my man
For real, good luck with that
Hey, you can't appreciate the sunshine
If it never rains
And it's gonna rain