Cocaine 80's
Summer Madness
[Intro: James Fauntleroy + Common]
Is the sun in your eyes?
It's me again, No I.D. again, yeah, uh...

[Verse 1: Common]
Black heat on the streets of desire
Some got rich and some got priors
My dogs hop barbed wires and steal cars with pliers
Wanna see more and be more like the wire
Live Via-Com from the city of Chi
But it's never quiet, huh
This is the noise of suppliers and buyers
Gangbangers that should've retired, food from deep fryers
I'm getting high thinking how to reach higher
Bald but these broads is my Delilah
Samsung pictures, more spit scriptures
Shorties hold liquor, flows get richer
It gets thick like my bro's little sister
Hormones got 'em thicker quicker
Pure souls that become boa constrictors
Mixed up like elixirs, trigger happy in the midst of
Summer madness

[Chorus: James Fauntleroy]
Is the sun in your eyes?
'Cause you're missing all the sights
But it's gonna be alright
[Verse 2: Common]
It's summertime, n***as bring the heat out
Gun talk is how summer start to speak out
Shorties bear arms 'cause don't nobody reach out
Young frames leak out, aunties freak out
The front porch is sorta like the beach house
N***as running bases with their cleats out
Every week now I'm getting texts about death
Leaving me out of breath
I gotta step to the stairway to heaven, it started on 87
Barack was playing sermons riding Reverend Clay Evans
I never really took it in like them youngsters
It's how I looked at them, maybe I should look again
'Cause death and prison sentences ain't how their book should end
When you go outside you still gotta look within
You can't scare 'em straight 'cause they keep a crooked grin
I hate to say it's fate, look at what could've been
It's summer madness

[Outro: Common + James Fauntleroy]
Summertime got you blind
I prefer your goddamn mind
Yeah, it's summer madness
But it's gonna be alright
It goes on in Chitown, yeah
It's gonna be alright
It goes on in Detroit, ATL
It's gonna be alright
To my peoples up in Brooklyn true, yeah
But it's gonna be alright
Out there in New York, Queens, Harlem
My West Coast people out in L.A., yeah
All the way to Alabama, you know, up there to Seattle
You know you got hoods all over