Cocaine 80's
Six Ft Over
[Intro: Common]
Yes yes yes yes
Yes yes yes yes
We do
We do, we do, we do, we do
So, so so so so fresh
So, so so so so fresh (So fresh)
Yes, hah, ah

[Verse 1: Common]
I remember her, she remember me
I liked her like a simile
She said you went up to Trinity
Collared green, na, this is Common's scene, uh
Ask me man, she was like nasty
She used to pass me
By, cause she know that Chi n***as be on that real shit
Baby girl, let me take you on a field trip
You on that yellow bus
I'm just jokin', you as cold as some delica
Testin' when it comes to dressin'
You fresh and progressions of a good girl gone bad
Strong dad, all fab-ulous now
With your bust out, getting cussed out
Cause you won't speak to a n***a
Assume you a freak by your figure
I'm frequent with liquor
Purple and blue stuff, I've been through stuff
You tight girl, I'mma get ya loosed up
You was a rooster cooped up, now ya got your juicer
Sayin' that you fast and don't get too skinny
Like them bitches in the fashion show
That's irrational
Let's grab a cab and go to the underground spot
I'm fresh as hell, I made the underground hot
Knots in my pocket crumbled up
Common, ain't you done enough
Rapper, actor, author, father
Of many, many styles, Stony Isle
Mental, gotta gotta gotta live it
I rock it how I live it
Remembered, remembered, remembered
Remember me? Ha
[Outro: Cocaine 80's]
If you see a ghost
Girl don't approach, it isn't me
I'm holdin' on, but girl I'm close
You're killing me, oh my love
Being gone's just like your kiss
It's bittersweet
I'm livin', but my heart still says
In memory of your love, girl
I'm six feet over
I'm six feet over, you
I'm six feet over