Cocaine 80's
I got a daughter to feed
And $200 ain't enough to water the seed
It's too much to swallow and not enough to drown out the scream
That's the sound of the street
That's all I hear every night while I dream and I wake
Out of the dream
Two hundred thousand on some Prada, not a degree
Since every day is Christmas, light up the trees
What you got up your sleeve?
Until you drink it you got it from me
Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, babe
N***as was back on the slave trade today
All I'm trying to do is make it fade away
So you n***as know the reason why you got me for free
This is for the 80's, the Jay-Z fan
Even you wack n***as motivate me man
Tell you 'bout now I'm making this
Because I take ups and downs and make it just motivate
Ups and downs and make it just motivate (x5)

Whipping through the hills of L.A. with a story to tell
It's like the wise one while recording it well
I hail from biological cells of heroin
Cook County jails, ex-ball players that rebelled
In America, I tell you how to make it
The code you can't forsake it
What you want, you gotta take it
To do what you do with no remorse
You're gonna do work it takes time times force
Be with you, you might take flight just to get through
You know the highest level when it hits you
Rituals of success, yes success through the bless
The Dalai Lama theory, to do it no stress
Tests come, in the next one, you rest none
You just done what you was destined to do
Adjusting your view as you rise, keep your eyes on the present
Surprise your effervescence, got you going where you going
Four and five is about go-getters and survivors
You might find some seekers and some hiders on the way
Hey this world is too cold to play
"eh em eh em" and then motivate, go