Cocaine 80's
Chain Glow
Chain glow
I'm the same though

Hold it up like a light, bright enough for the blind
'S why I’m willing to die, and you know it ain't a thang, yo
Don’t be tripping cause your chain broke
And my motherfucking chain glow
N***as tryna say i changed tho
I had it

[Verse 1: James Fauntleroy]
Onlything I change is my motherfucking number
Yeah like every other day like cause I’m running from the ones who say
You’re never gonna make it, as soon as I escape it
A n***a started making, Money like a motherfuckin'
Bush administration, I stayed patient I
Bet they think I'm tripping they can vacation, I
Spend a lot of time working harder than a slave
For this motherfucking chain, just to light the way for ya
So while we're blazing up, got something to say to ya
If they right then tell me why they standing in the dark
In the same spot, see me from afar cause my fucking chain glow
I’m the same though

[Verse 2: Nas]
Ain’t no woman I hold that tell me that I smell like a billion
This black Moor, love Sicilian
Ladies and divas, fly goon
That’s my story, when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie
That’s amore
The black Godfather, probably relaxed wit a forty, what are the odds
That we stop getting cast though
Bought me a new Ferrari, flagging down these two shorties
They in the benz, like Thelma and Louise
And surely, we pulling over next exit
Only thing open is the Shoney's or Best Western
We looking for drinks and Shawty notice the necklace
She digging the links, she said it’s solid
Got diamonds all in the eyes like it winks . Said could she touch it

[Bridge: James Fauntleroy]
Shame on you, right on the other side of town
You let a n***a put a chain on you
And now you tripping cause you see a n***a got that new chain right here
That n***a chain don't do nothing else but put a fucking strain on you
But it’s cool you can break the chains
We're not living to stay the same, girl
But if you stay with this lame n***a
Really, you can’t complain
Just let my motherfucking chain glow

Money going out the same door
You really gonn have to wait, bro
Cuz I gotta run the safe, so
And when i start, you better lay low
And don't be standing where I aim for

N***a you can have the same dough
Just don't be tripping cuz your chain broke
And my motherfuckin' chain glow