Darwin Deez
Where’s the Chocolate
[Verse 1: Kool A.D.]
Where's the chocolate
What this old beat
Fred Flintstone driving around with both feet
Yabba dabba doo
I see you fuck with acid too
White women asking why they rapping
Wanna laugh at you
Wrote this on a MacBook pro
I went halfsies with my pops on
A G of the money came from pop songs
[?] a G out of OTX West Bay Road
That's how we roll
How do they roll?
“I-I-I don't like that”
Who's they though?
But by the way, though
Fuck Sallie Mae though
Shit is a trick, you shouldn't pay those
Big idiot assholes, they hoes
Me and Dar hard in the paint, Maaco
Hashtag raps like Drake, but really Cam did it first
But in every case original man did it first
Court case, brief case
Cases of Cup O' Noodles from Costco
[?] and Choco Tacos
Beto Giacometti Paolo Jose Diego Francisco
Musela Maria si piano tre mira si Picasso
Guapo guapo ah si Waka Flocka Shakira
Blacko blanco Tonto Squanto
Black guy speaks “Mighty Healthy”
Couch tapes co-host no Ghost
“Where's the Beef” no slow roast
Who supposed to throw the 'bows and bucks
Rows and chunks
Rows of ducks line up at least seven at a time
Shotta shotta... [inhales]
Shotta, pass the Dos and lime
Kick me out a shortages
No work visa, jeez Luisa
At least my papa finally got his green card
We are, hard to the soft, smart to the retard, get it?
“Where's the chocolate”
[Verse 2: Darwin Deez]
Music is my son, ergo I keep weird hours
My circadian rhythms are synced to my sampler
Wide awake
24/7 like Jack Bauer is
Body rock, to the body clock
To the hip hop
Body shop, bring the beat in
These look like Mash Deez's footprints, but it can't be her
Can it? She was on a planet near the Death Star
Death rock, fully operational you are
Now locked in, rock-in
With the best, Pete Best
Original beats, original Beatle
Yes, he was the drummer before Ringo
Release my single, I'm single
And loving it
I'm shoving it, in every nook and cranny
Even the one's covered by granny panties
Why not? If not now, when?
Dalai Lama pass a Slim Jim
Generate the steam from the turbine
Her vagine... Uh, what was I saying there again?
I lost my train of thought
Oh yeah! Penetrate her slot
Generate music people venerate
A lot. Hey! There my train is
I need to catch this, wreck
Destined for your tape deck
When I spit I'm half Beck half Bela Fleck
Half Fela half Femi sometimes some [?]
Two parts Kuti one part cutie all booty
All bass all the time
My rhymes are tight
They're all time right
And they're all mine
Just another rapper same Star Wars references
One more reminder of where the vas deferens is
Same SM-58, few other differences
Regulate, not overrated like herbal essences
Watch this, just a regular MC and I'm cute on the mic
Shoutout to Audrey, Owen, Ian
Burning 'em in the house
With the burning mouth
Speak heat peace
Get the learning out
Study up or buddy up
Get the churning out
Bomb of the weak
Or stick the burning out
Your voice gives me a headache, Nuprin
If you wrote three versions of it, why's it still a blueprint
Move so many stacks I could move into a new place
Bought my girl a new face
Flowers in the new vase
Meet the new Ma$e
On some “I'm a preacher now”
If she can't shake her ass I'ma teach her how
“[?] but I have to judge”
On some discover shit
Ya girl's creeping around on some discover shit
Yeah in rap taking a spray tan bath
With Ray Bans on
The gay man's gone
For Christmas, Ricky
Chasing Angela Chase
Wish she, was my so called wife