The Glitch Mob
Drive it

Check us as we fly high

Disobeyed the shy guy

Flyin in a tight ride

Evo life an ape alive

D's and G's we stay aligned

Spacecraft seats as we stay reclined

Swimming pool of time

It's a party on the high dive

Gotta play monopoly to park on free property

Frankenstein this beat while they call it a monstrosity

The way my record stay clean like a hummer limousine

Ridin on a cloud, on my way to mercury

Twistin juicy jay's while i'm leanin on a blue dream

Party get's ratchet the scene

Mind get cloudy as I spark up the green

Liver get solid keep your leaves off my tree

Watch my generation succumb to pure greed

If it ain't a movie then most refuse to read
If you need a coach I don't want to join the team

Blind a fiend with my aura

Send a crying soul to oprah

Get your stale ass off my sofa

Bring a tail to feed the vulture

What, you never really mean breh?
Never really schemed, breh?

Say it how ya feel, ya knah?

U ain't gotta b K'naan

Walking maxi boy Canine

Right now i feel mighty fine

Ducking random bullet spine

Saturnight night it mighty special

3-80 ill make it dash
Nicotine ill give ya cancer

Flow so hard it's alabaster

Bastard, bastard

Basted in a basket?

Doe i wanna be in Maui in a hamMicks

Why day kick me outta Mix?

Y day lose my movie Flix?

Poo is u the rubric shits?

Piece of mind one day ill find

And leave this word so far behind

Ahora mismo me recline

Second line in Nola boy

Story here ain't for no TOY

Met a mother and a daughter taught em both to Jane Fonda

Eat your whole head that's a mighty anaconda

Time to end the beat done spittin when you hear the--