The Glitch Mob
“Freak Out(Bad Wings Remix)”
One good thing about a dream is, no one can snatch it from you, unless you put it on a chain, man them cats is savage
Switch it up, blame it on habit. Mouth wide open
Like she just seen magic, in a pristine fashion with some
Gypsys snacking
You n***as more full of shit than jimmy kimmels cabniet
I can put it in a banger i can put it in a ballad
I can eat you up for dinner, I can put you in a salad
Hold up
(Verse 1)
Can't stop what im thinking like cruise control
The newest soul, back up in the studio
Truth be told the truth is cold, the news control
The youth and old, by the time these n***as eating
All they food is cold. By the time these n***as reaching for the tool its oh
He's in better place now,damn…. guess god had it planned out
Praying for a miracle, damn I guess he ran out…..
Maybe I could help him reup
Rid my fam of cancer, let em kick they feet up
Give them what they seek out, never have to leave out
The paradise I gave em they ain't even gotta reach out
Look into their eyes and I just wanna see em freak out
Never tell me goodbye, always holla peace out
See you in the next life, trippin then we geek out
Ya I just wanna see you freak out
My cup it overfloweth with that deisel, let it leak out
Say she feeling something but she don't know how to speak out
The ANXIETY it makes me wanna scream out
So much on my plate, the fuck you expecting me to sing bout?
(verse 2)
Wanna see you freak out
Naked at the beach house
Sitting on the edge of the universe then we leap out
Now we have a planet of our own
Like the little rascals, but our sign says no normals
No morals, less stories, more money less worries
That’s backwards, that’s corny
Outdated its boring. Damn I can't stand that shit
She was screaming how she like it she was screaming how she love it
We was prolly getting wasted we was probably out in public
Face turnt red now she tryin to change the subject
Kill this beat, call it murder. Don't remember like im xanaxing
Everything I feel I like eventually is bandwagoned
Take all the wagoners and kill em with my sand dragon
Nowadays they Cut ya cake stab ya back with the same knife
Angel bitch devil bitch fuck em on the same night whats up