The Glitch Mob
Drive It Like It’s Stolen
[Verse 1]
Driving in this whip, 100 m-p-h
I'm lapping all these rappers so I know they gon' hate
I used to have friends, now they're all becoming snakes
But I'm the undefeated leader like Alexander The Great
So you should think twice before you tamper with my fate
The truth is in my eyes, The answers in my face
Ever since the lord came and gave a n***a grace
Shit I filled the void in rap and I ain't leave an empty space
Food for your soul, peace to your mind
Damn I'm feeling old I'm too deep for my time
The end is getting near, my speech is like a sign
Malcolm X with the rifle as I'm peeking through the blinds
Sick of old rappers, they should kick a bucket
Cause I'm the guy, guys respect and girls fall in love with
I was never meant to have a cubicle grind
Even Russell couldn't explain my beautiful mind, its my mind

So put your damn hands up right away
And celebrate livin' your life
Cause you can lose it any day
Coming from the hood I know thats right
So tell them fucking haters when they come around
That I'm busy living my life
I'm busy living my life, I'm fuckin' busy livin' my life
[Verse 2]
Yo this rap game I own it but I drive it like I stole it
Truthfully a lot of rappers start to sound like YONAS
Had a dream Eminem told me murder all my opponents
Keep fightin till I collapse and always sing for the moment
Party animal hunting till I'm the fullest
Catch me on your campus shotgunning silver bullets
But also in the trunk is shotguns and silver bullets
So haters better chill before I pop off and pull it
Fighting inner demons and winning so I am righteous
You crew ain't nothing like us, you dudes is fucking up cyphers
This is not Mac Miller, this is that much iller
This is RIP hipsters, I'm a backpack killer
They now say im one of the realest that ever done it
They must be reading my future cause homie I just begun it
And if they start at the end and they read without the skimming
I'd say I'm having one hell of a beginning