Jessica Lea Mayfield
Jessica Lea Mayfield - Our Hearts Are Wrong (feat. Intuition)
On the foot of the bed again letting breaths flutter
I'm Rhett Butler love letter head hunter
It's deja vu saying you not the bread to butter
But you always look the best the week after we left each other
I'm pushing for space mean mugging the message
Poker face pretending I don't love the attention
But I'm hugging the fence and rubbing your legs and
Letting reminiscent thoughts of us cut up the tension
Girl you always act so nonchalant when you say our hearts are wrong
And then you whisper to me not to stop
You're my cold war confidant
We got a lot of past but know the future's probably gone to god
It's reverse psychology
You cry to spite all of me but still you like callin me
This bedroom's got an open door policy
You sauntered up them stairs and girl I swear that I forgot to breathe