Endless Endeavors
I have long been fashioning
An inner world of obstacles
Between thee and me
Shuttered huts of discouragement
Barbed wire fences of habit
Stone walls of indifference
Mountains of indolence
And oceans of unfaithfulness

I'll plant a seed beneath my feet
And breathe into it energy
I'll firm its' soil with a dance
And pray the sky will shine its' lamp
I'll water it with heartfelt love and
Someday, I'll awake...

I'll pack a bag beneath the stars
When someday comes
And grip it when the missiles charge
When someday comes
I'll tend to it with utmost care
And open it when I can share
A slavery to its' perfection
Someday, I'll awake...
I'll cry because I have the faith
That man can change his ugly ways
I'll throwaway the bag and seed
For no one owns what we all need
I'll begin, without, within
Searching, seeking, seeing
Endless endeavors