We Kuffar
All these memories, although fading
Feed illusions of the lives we might have led
Not a moment's pause for purpose, lamentations
Nor a fear inside my head
I know it's faith that drives me
An unwavering faith that we'll not stand alone
And our forfeit for a future full of freedom
Of a life we might have known

Now adrift here in the silence
Metaphoric for the vast unknowns we face
The mirage is slowly fading
The horizon holds the fortunes we embrace
I know that I'm no hero, not a martyr
Just a servant of the will
For tomorrow's full of wonders
Humble graces that the blind may not fulfil

There was a time when this land was a beacon
The cradle of all things, you've wasted their gains
Beliefs to be built on, discoveries to dilate
Ideas are foundations, not crippling chains
This reckless divorce of compassion and reason
Of rational thinking, no harem awaits
And for your indifference, your indoctrinations
Immoral misleadings, our lives to the fates
Know this forever, that we were no martyrs
No god-fearing zealots, we fight for the truth
We're secular beings, more humbled by questions
Than outdated answers that mesmerise you
Dictate of faith, why must we live by your hand
Smug in your own sense of virtue, of reason, of grand
Defending faith as sacred and righteous and pure
Smokescreen for hate, for abuses, mistrust and allure
Spectate of faith, with silence of ghosts who foretell
Weather for fear of the vengeance induced by this spell
Defending faith as private, protected, divine
Sheltering fringes who honor their own lives like thine
Dictate of faith, we suffer your mindless decrees
Sure of your place in these fictions that bring men to knees
Defending faith, the will of the words you hold true
In time your edicts will unleash their wrath upon you

And lo, a light on, not so far away from Zion
In the land of the virile, the breeders and the heroes
The rains fall down, modern arms and aging thoughts collide
Drowned in the blood of holy rite

...And so we fight on
In the sands of the feral, the ciphers and the zeroes
In the grave passed down, in the storied bygones silence let survive
Drowned in the blood of holy rite

Your lease on faith is fleeting we believe
In freedom, justice fair, like you we need
Answers, consolations, but we feed
On wonder, life, how meaningless we seem
The universe is sranger still than we
The search for truth is motive 'nough for me
Now the light is slowly fading
We imagine in their eyes, we start to see