Up In The Air
When I dropped out of high school, I didn't tell a soul
Cause no one was supposed to know
Now I'm looking at the window sky high in the air
Plane traveling all across the globe
That boy from the block with that loud voice box
He really came into his own
From being picked on to being first pick
This feels like the twilight zone
Sitting in the window seat wondering if this is real
Can it be, is this a dream, am I in it still?
Once I land I'm the man, another city killed
I played a lot of shows, many of them shitty bills
I'm here for one night, no time to sight see
Flew overhead to the left and the right wing
See the lights being, catch me in your kite string
Its been a pleasure y'all feel free to write me

I know it's been a really long time since you seen me
Up in the air, I've been up in the air
Chilling on cloud 9, now you know where to find me
Up in the air, I'll be up in the air

Forget the round trip, give me a one way
Its been a year since the case of the Mondays
See my peers have the face of the mundane
I'm in a place you can taste all the sun rays
I'm feeling so high, higher that I've ever been
But then again I've had that California medicine
Getting text from my hometown sweetheart
With a wallet full of hotel key cards
From where the sewer is up to the stewardess
They ask me what I do, I'm in the music biz
I left the baggage home, I brought my luggage in
Me and my girl, we experiencing turbulence
This is my get away, this is my everyday
Call me superhero, I need to get a cape
Strangers in paradise, it's time to get appointed
We're sitting so close I feel like we're related
Watch me kiss the sky, throw him the 65
I got my boarding pass, waiting in the ticket line
I'm not a star yet but took a gang of pictures
Next time that I'm here, I'll be slightly bigger