My n***as ain’t thuggin
But we mobbin out in public

Wildin’ cuz I love being
The topic of discussion

I’ll be screaming “N***A FUCK IT”
Right before I kick the bucket man

Makin sure my grass is cut before I make a hunnit grand


You ain’t with the gang
Get the fuck out of my face G

You ain’t with me mane?
Get the fuck outta my way B


[Vs. I]:
Workin til I clutch the wheel
Workin til a hunnit mill
Talkin like they fresh as prince, I’m in charge like Uncle Phil

I’m the boss
Like Hugo

My dogs
Is as big as Kujo

It’s the God
If you know, you know

Yo shawty
Tossing me culo

She callin me Papi
While I’m clappin on her assets

They callin me cocky
So I’m callin all them maggots

Bottom feeding actors
Some real entitled fakes

And these buggin n***as askin why I feel some type of way

It’s elementary
It feels exemplary
Imposters comment

Props like my bars penitentiary
Locked in

Like they don’t want nothing from me
Then casually ask for money
I say no and now I’m bummy
They really think I’m a dummy