Tokyo Drift!
[Verse: Teriyaki Boyz, Koto.]
(Yeah) I wonder if you know how they live in Tokyo (はい, Hey, Tokyo)
(Yeah, ha-ha, yeah, ha, yeah) If you see me, then you mean it-
Ayy, yeah (Woop, woop!)

[Verse: Koto.]
Got a fast lil' whip, call it Tokyo Drift (Bop, bop, bop!)
Gotta bend the fucking block when I hit the lick quick (Ooh, ooh)
Hit the club blue faces, money falling from my hip
I'on gotta say nothing, she gon' do the fuckin' dick like a pornstar (Ooh)
Then she rode the dick like it’s nascar (Skrrt)
Heavyweight n***a, I set the bar
Don’t need a hoe cause I’m too poppin' (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I got twin Glocks they like Batman and Robin, I got a blue coupe, no I ain’t Dodgin' (Ah, ah)
Talking that shit, but in person you silent, I’m jugging and robbing (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Gotta stay ten toes (Ten toes, ten toes)
Pussy n***a shooting out the window (Window)
Money stand tall like 10’4” (10’4”)
Do what I say hear me “10-4”
Caught 'em lackin' in the backstreet
Ran up on a n***a like an athlete
Uh, spun the block like a track meet (Bop, bop, bop!)
Can’t let a goofy n***a get past me, (Yeah, yeah), 'cause if he do I'ma run him out his khakis
Young rich n***a from section-8
Good in my hood ain’t soft (Ah)
No featherweight (Yeah, to, to, bop!)
Sting like a bee, Ali I'ma heavyweight (Yeah, yeah)
Remember them days we was broke, yeah, we never ate
Yeah I’m skrrting through Tokyo, I got the antidote n***a like Rodeo (Yeah, yeah)
Baby, get lit, I'ma get you right in the show (Yeah, yeah)
Get to the bag for my momma, I’ll never fold (Yeah, yeah)
Get out my way, or I’ll knock you like domino