So Silly! (G-Mix)
[Intro: Koto.]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah ('Kay now what?)
Yeah, yeah (Oh my, Oh my God!)
Yeah, why am I so?
Yeah, yeah (Okay)
Yeah, yeah, uh, lets go

[Verse 1: Koto.]
Uh, she in my crib, she eat it up like Pac-Man (Ayy! Gulp, gulp, gulp)
Dark Knight, all black like I'm Batman (Hey, hey, hey, huh, huh)
You like cheese, no wonder you a rat man (Hey, hey, hey, huh, huh)
I'm droppin' bombs, it came straight right from Afghan (Ayy, go, go, go)
I told that girl, why you acting silly? (Silly, silly!)
I told her fuck a helicopter
Bouta' go and pop a wheelie (Pop a wheelie!)
And my pockets looking fat, but my neck is looking chilly (Oh, ayy!)
Bitch I'm starving (Oh my God)
But we ain't going to Chili's! (Go, ayo!)

[Verse 2: Koto.]
I told her hoe don't change the tempo (Ayo, ayo!)
I just hit my еlbow (I just hit my- ah!)
Strapped up just like Velcro (Vеlcro)
Want her back like yes, no (Want her back like what?)
Told her it's okay (Told her it's okay!)
Bad bitch hold her weight (Bad bitch hold her weight!)
I just want the cake (I just want the cake!)
I just want the face (I just want the face!)
5, 6, 7, 8 (7, 8), who do we appreciate? (Who do we appreciate?)
Ayy, I'm feeling good, I'm feelin' great (Ha, great)
Take my time, bitch, you can wait (You can wait)
BB Simon buckle
[Verse 3: Koto.]
Red head bitch just like she knuckles (Woah, woah, woah)
All white gloves, just like I'm knuckles (Woah, woah)
Protect the green just like I'm knuckles (Woah, woah)
You're two-face, they call you knuckles (Woah, woah)
I power up, then you in trouble (Yeah, yeah, yeah go)
I put the game cube in a duffle
I keep on laughing about knuckles (Yeah, yeah, yeah go)
I'm the piece right to your puzzle
You got 10 turns over, like you Russel (Yeah)
Buck 50 wit' some muscle (Yeah)
Goddamn I hurt my knuckles!
Hey, baby, go to work
Throw it back and then she twerk it (Twerk it!)
Off the chain she go Berserk
I'm tryna fuck wit' her and her (Tryna fuck wit' her)
Clean it up real quick, huh, she gon' throw a fit (She gon' throw a fit)
Stacking up the chips, ha, I'll just plead the fifth
Ha, ha

[Verse 4: YungManny]
Wock' all in my kidney, bitch fuck me like you miss me (Yeah)
I'm up in Australia, diggin' down yo' city (That's right)
This drink too damn expensive (Drank)
One Loko, shoot 350 (Oh, what?)
Damn bitch where yo' titties?
This shits all itty-bitty
No, bitch
What the fuck you lookin' at?
(I'm white) think he pullin' up, watch me push him back
She know I'm a big dog, she let me beat that pussy-cat
In all that ain't none of that, watch me [?]
[Verse 5: YungManny]
(Woo, woo)
Them station boys ain't feelin' that
All the hoes we hittin' at
Opps, we get rid of that (Bop!)
(Woo, woo)
28 grams, we send his ass
P.A. we gon' stick his ass, don't let me catch yo' pussy ass