Dame Dash
Ain’t No (MTV Unplugged)

[Verse 1]
I keep you fresher than the next chick
No need for you to ever sweat the next chick
With speed, I make the best chick see the exit indeed
You gotta know you're thoroughly respected by me
You get the keys to the Lexus, no driver
You got your own 2001 to ride in
And keep your a** tight up in Versace, that's why
You gotta watch your friends you got to watch me
They conniving, sh*t, the first chance to crack the bank
They try me, all they get is 50 cent franks
And papayas, from the village to the telly
Time to kill it on your belly no question
Have more chicks between my sheets than Essence
They say sex is a weapon, so when I shoot
Meet your death in less than 8 seconds
Still pounding in my after life
Laughing, my thing is tight
Let me hear y'all

[Hook: Jaguar Wright (Kyle Jones) Crowd ​​]
Ain't no n***a like the one I got
(No one can f**k you better)
Sleeps around but he gives me a lot
(Keeps you in diamonds and leathers)
Friends will tell me I should leave you alone
​​​Hah hah, hah hah,​​
Tell the freaks to find a man of their own
Man of their own, man of their own