Dame Dash
94 Bars
[Young Chris] (Beanie Sigel)
It's young C youngest from State P
All the thoroughbred roll your la la la
And all the girls wanna spend the night tonight
Get right tonight, tonight's the night
Its Young G's thats Young Neef
Thats right thats the other half of me
And all the girlies dream of having me
And they mad at me (ah motherf**kas yea)
Kept my business straight I'm learnin the game
Earning a little change of the realest thing
Half the realest fake got to check these broads
These n***as ain't built a deck of cards
Man yall was on the steps with yalls
We had connects you lames
And was a threat to the set you claimed
And still is homie that still is closer than ever
You n***as pu**y and you know its whatever
So don't push me yea you would try keepin us back
Why don't yall dudes try to keepin it rap
And leave us alone can't leave it at home
In the streets where we at to get you
When you least expect it be your peoples that clapped
Its real in the streets of Illadelphia
All the boss can't pay f**k around and kill himself
Can't stop won't stop Roc-A-Fella records cause we, we get down
B*t*hes wanna get down n***as run and get found
We confront with the pound and we squeeze it
Where ever n***as standin we leave them
These n***as really thinkin we need them (ah motherf**kas yea)
Like my man Sig. ain't the reason n***a please its a PA thing
Yall don't really wanna see they gang
Think of Philly we you see they gang
Got guns all the time on us
We from the block where the sun never shine on us
Get knocked on the one dropped a dime on us
Pee your own blood motormouth n***as
Till they see they own blood and they on they last breath
I hit his mug ain't no open casket left over ashes
I was labeled as a left over b*st*rd until that contract
They want me dead I see through them contacts
So they try to him me through them contracts
Yea the boy wonder they boy gunner
I stay fresh to death had the other boys under pressure
They had to step they gear up
If not they knew not to go near her
Cause she never messed with lames
She messed with older guys that messed with caine
We was the younger dudes up next in the game
But she was young and dumb so she cared less of the game
You know that game and the same old song
Now I ride around hearin them b*t*hes playin my song
I tried to tell them its gon' be my turn
Now they tryin help an keep my sperm (ah motherf**kas yea)
It's ok I'm still young anyway I can last all night
We can hump anyday I got chunks put away
And some chunk on the way used the pump where I laid
Now its pumps where I lay chumps wanna play we backin them down
Thats what you get for approaching with out askin around
You know we get our toaster with out pattin us down
It's the ROC b*t*h holla get your a** on the pound
Let me show you how I do how a man can get down
Got to keep my sheets clean lay that a** on the ground
Think its all just rap let me arch that back
You ain't got to be shy baby toss that back
And most of these stories ain't worth the doe
I can't relate to commercial flows
I'm from the hood ain't nothing all good but you worthless ho
????? work these hoes (ah motherf**kas yea)
I was broke gettin doe from hoes
Gettin doe gettin doe from hoes
Grown men drownin hold your nose stop
Falling through these chickenheads
And focus little more on your business here
You ain't radio you dudes is lames
We bringin the pain to the game you dudes radio
And most of yall one hit wonders
The ones who done a little number sh*t one hit done it
Your career was an accident
I ain't scared ill blast you b*t*h
And get the cash to get out or buy a nice lawyer
Get a high price lawyer
Ill be out soon as the judge see my status sh*t
You motherf**kas gon' be mad as sh*t
Once the young gunnas drop
Yea the youngest from the ROC
Just what Dame needed did a couple of futures
Did the mixtapes and got the game heated
The same little n***' n***as from the block
Talk they sh*t about the ROC and you just was a fan
Before I got Jay just was your man
Now you dislike us cause you ain't in our plans
I understand keep doing what you doing
Give up or you'll be givin up a hell of a chance
You n***as bullsh*t with rap if you want (ah motherf**kas yea)
And I'll be laid back ?????? (Motherf**kas)
[Outro: Young Chris]
Relax on you chumps!!
Clap at you punk!!
Ha ha we gotta ad lib that sh*t