[Verse 1: Dom Kennedy]
I had this girl named Keshia, aw man, she was out there
I swear to God she knew every fucking rapper out there
Used to say Dom the best fucking rapper out there
You should put yo hands up cuz I know that you out there, yeah
And if she wants me, she wants me
Crenshaw and King, n***a, tell me where I don't be
I wouldn't fuck half of y'all, I ain't with that rapper stuff
Your boyfriend corny, love, he rap about rapper stuff
And I don't really fit in, so I'm just gon' get in
And really stand out as I try not fit in
I'm really outstanding, this deserves coverage
And every girl I boned them hoes dug it, uh, buckets
I'm the fab five locally, stardom is approaching me
It feels so funny to have these labels start approaching me
They wanna have meetings to tell me that I'm buzzing
But it go in one ear and out the other, uh

[Chorus: Dom Kennedy]
It go a Kennedy, a CaRter, Reese, and a Madison
I don't wanna fuck every girl just the baddest ones
I'm Mr. "damn he came back with a badder one"
Westside legend and she say she never had a one, yeah
But they do call me Dominic, my mom calls me Dom
Baby, you should just acknowledge it, yeah
I tell her, "you should just acknowledge it"
I tell her, "you should just acknowledge it"
[Verse 2: CaRter]
Yeah, they know me, yeah, they know me
CaRter, CaRter, CaRter, er’body know me
I’m way up here, you’re somewhere below me
Pause if you’re a dude, resume if you’re a freak
[?] years abroad, etc., etc
Been good with the ladies since y’all humping love letters
Circle yes or no if your thang do got it
Circle no because you rap, I bet I rap circles around ya
Texas state of mind, but in LA is where ya find them
A lot be on my mind, so me and my dogs we be planning
CaRter before the rhyming, you could miss me with the raps
Before this, I wore polo clothes, [?], and shooting craps
You can ask my daddy cause the king on that boy [?]
Or that boy Cannier, if the West aware me
Alief, acres home space city Houston
Say you rep your city, but sound like us, boy, you amuse me

[Chorus: CaRter]
See a Kennedy, a CaRter, Reese, and a Madison
I don’t wanna fuck every girl just the baddest ones
I can probably fuck every girl, but they be tattling
Can’t put the dick on her cuz I know she can’t handle it
I was born CaRter, but you can call me Cardi A
Mr. “he come make a whole n***a guard his date”
Watch a whole n***a guard your date
Cuz if she a nine or a dime I [?] on her face
[Verse 3: Jason Madison]
Damn, bitch, you perfect
She want to swag surfer, but I told her just to jerk it
We gone get it jerking, you gone be my nurse and
Call me Dr. J, bitch, I’ll cut you like a surgeon
Don’t call me trying to play, bitch, I ain’t for rehearsals
That go for every girl, I call it universal
Studios and pictures make groupie hoes addicted
My movie is unscripted, scrap that, I Skype with your bitches
She "at" that, retweet me, snap hats and CDs
On behalf of the underclass MVP me and B.A.B., yeah, Best After Bobby
Better than what you probably expected, I’m the smart kid
CaRter is the break’em boy, Reese is the “aw” kid
Dom is the architect of the West
And I’m just right back here to finish what we started
What we started, yeah

[Chorus: Jason Madison]
It go a Kennedy, a CaRter, Reese, and a Madison
I don’t wanna fuck every girl just the baddest ones
Call me Mr. “she’ll never love a n***a after me”
Direct out the director’s chair, actually
I ain’t never acted and n***as can’t pass for me
So Imma leave my seat up for whoever’s coming after me
So Imma leave the seat up for whoever’s coming after me