Don’t Forget the Swishers
We gon' have a good time away from the drama
So leave your bullshit at the door
We just chillin with the homies, girls coming over
They ask what we want from the store
If you could grab me some swishers
Some cups and some liquor
And tell your home girls don't bring no n***as, we good
Let's have some time as we should
But don't forget the swishers

[Verse 1: Dom Kennedy]
In real life my rap name got charisma to it
I figure, damn, I might aswell do something bigger to it
I don't want no famous features, let my n***as do it
Sometimes I just think to myself like how Big would do it
My old bitches keeping tabs on every move I make
And she gon' say I ain't shit no matter who I date
And them n***as she around now is excatly who I ain't
While all the girls is in my ear like (Dom do your thing)

[verse 2: ]

I smoke with bad chicks with fake tits keep that on the DL
All hugged up on me bitch you ain't my female
Where your girls at? not for my pawtnas though
I'm trying to fuck em too, just being honest hoe
Your girl over here misbehaving
Delete the iChats, can't leave no traces
When this girls come, throw out some tray shit
Like the [?] basics
I told her bring some chick-fil-a, she got a n***a waiting

[Verse 3: ]
Private location, kush in rotation
Playing playstation, fresh on my vacation
I like em brown, yellow, puerto rican or caucasian
As long as they thick, small waist and low maintenance
Gold digging hoes, who receive no payment
Not now, not ever, not even on ocassion
Like 5 or 6 chicks in my living room wasted
Smoking blunt after blunt, boy I can't wait to taste it
Somebody knocking at my door with a heavy ass hands
It's my home girl showing up with her heavy ass friend
I'm like, damn, why you bring her here, she always wanna trip with her chubby ass
How she eat the salsa with no chips
We gotta make another store run, she costed me a grip
Anyway dude I'm after her, let me holler at these chicks
Another hour passes, shit
One of these hoes I gotta hit
Plus we be smoking back to back and yeah that Rossi got me tip

[verse 4:]
Cold chilling, sipping some of the finest out the corner store
Maybe we could get these pretty girls and get down on the low
Kush is present, but them shells is absent
How we gonna smoke?
Sometimes rolling papers but them shit be going out you know
I'm trying to go straight to Cloud 19 with no layovers, no hangovers
Two range rovers parked outside when the come over
And they old enough to know we are cold, we are grown
And I hope you brought them shells like motherfucking toe

[Verse 5:]
I been waiting all day, yeah [?] I miss you
I wanna spend time, but first I'm getting lit up
Split em, barely lick em, Imma let you roll
Got a fat dub sack, tryna get off in my zone
Take a couple to the dome, the big tree monster
Player Al Green, feel like I'm at the concert
Let me make your mind work, gon make that run for me
Don't forget the swishers, take a couple bucks from me

[Verse 6: Mibbs]

Yeah, she knows she got weak spot for me
That's why she grab the swishers from weed shop for me
My feisty little chick who like the E's drop on me
If this was New York, she be my reebok shorty
She got the 40s, the swishers, the optimos
And she brought some home girls, now it's time to rock'n'roll
Eyes low, smoking on some tropico
Man all this toking got me floating, now I'm open like an envelope