[Intro: Casey Veggies]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, Young Veggies

[Verse 1: Casey Veggies]
Aw man, what you haters sayin to him?
Break a chick down, work her out like the sand dunes
I be in the city at the function where I ran into her
Talkin to her friend too that's how a youngin' maneuver
Go hard never bend, been on that better shit
I could say some simple shit, still gone be better than
Destroy all you n***as see me in that Nike letterman
Never talk about it all I do is show evidence

[Verse 2: Dom KENNEDY]
Fitted with a C on it, Belt with a G on it
Hold my dick up, man ya girl wanna be on it
It don't sound good, sound good unless we on it
Name start with a D but I sound like a G on it
Shittin on this song like n***as can't pee on it
Independent artist, but there ain't nothing for free on this
If you gone put me on this, you know I number three on this
That's Dwyane Wade boy you better put some D on this
Damn I love rappin, got my cheese stackin
You must be out yo mind if you think I ain't snackin
Never let no girl friend kick it with no rapper
Dom come first, Veggies came after
[Verse 3: Casey Veggies]
I'm blowin up, now tell me how you feel
Makin racks off of rap and I ain't never signed a deal
I ain't never did no jerk shit and I always keep it real
No disrespect to that jerk shit but my music for real
She don't want it, then she frontin like Jay-Z and Pharrell
I do it, I do it big and man, I swear I kill
Thirty thousand and I'm with my n***a Dom Kay
Not what you thinkin my older hoes is what I bring
Countin big Lincolns I'm puttin on for my team
Buzzin through the city like Chirp phones when I was 13
High top Chucks and the polo is Burgundy
I been doin me before a n***a even learned to speak
Swear the boy Chick Hearn the beat shout to LA thats where I be
Right out of Louisiana, coppin a 2 piece in [?]
Hold on, let me not give up the location
Hoes chasin, might find me while I'm eatin chicken
Goddamn it, they can't stand it, man we doin damage
Men lie, women lie but you can check the standings
LA swagger, gettin love in Atlanta
Havin fun no stressin, lets go to Obsessions

[Interlude: cARTer]
N***as tried to play me on it, yeah, look

[Verse 4: cARTer]
Carter got it, been had it, I ain't wanna use it
Y'all hatin from the stands while them girls is rootin
Why the girls was rootin, well that's a dumb Pregunta
She ain't Ms. Cleo but I know she know she see the future
Boys think they turned up, I got bars to mute them
Me and my n***as fell in and then they start reducin
LA swag but don't ask if the kid from Houston
My H high but I'm higher now let's keep it movin
High rollers, we threw the one's then threw the deuces
Dom told her I want some head, yo pussy useless
Gone off the Goosey, plus she know I'm chiefin
A n***a wired up, it's just my eye sleepin
Try to box me out the game, watch how I creep in
On the come up they wanna "Bone" us cause they think we easy
Please believe me, just go get my previous
And I hope you know the rate, cause we don't do no free shit
Naw, we don't do no free shit, Carter, yeah