Everybody Knows Us
[Verse 1: Dom Kennedy]
Hands up, hands up, damn this is our anthem
All these hoes is on the scene like, "Damn this n***a's handsome"
First I had to be reserved but now I can just grab one
My videos is real life, we shoot those shits to have fun
She be sayin' "Take me out," I be playin "Take Me Down"
Me my skills is Nas and Puff, recreatin' hate me now
I ain't gotta talk shit, what I'm makin' make me loud
I love it when my dad call and say, "Dom boy you make me proud!"
I be on my Vans shit, had to put them Nike's down
Air Force, Jordans, nah I never fuck with Nike now
All these kids ain't cool to me, but you can't hate on Mikey now
Fuck Soulja Boy, dog I heard that shit at Ice-T's house
My Gucci bring them Mice's out, like Gucci I'm so Icy now
I tat my hood all on my arm, don't make me bring license out (damn)
Tryna get my cake right, maybe bring the icin' out
That mean you gone hate right? Make me bring the Tyson out
When I'm in the buildin' n***a make sure all the lights is out (shh)
Dom gone shine by any means, they say he's the nicest out
Best car, nicest house, all that shit they writin' about
Never meant shit to me, fuck you so excited 'bout?
Maybachs, Phantoms, damn these is our anthem
I used to look up to stars, but dog now that I am one
I used to want a lot of hoes, but now bitch I can't stand one
I used to like to go to shows, but now shit I can jam one like
[Verse 2: Mibbs]
Take ya hands and put 'em to the sky
Do what I say girl don't ask me why
Back in the day they passed me by
Now I get dome on the passengers side
Like (whoa!) damn I'm fly
Ever since birth, been a stand up guy
N***as say, "Like you gone always be cool
Even if you in a bucket or brand new ride"

[Verse 3: Like]
Ah, yes sir, we on fire
All a n***a need is weed and lighter
Tell that bitch chill or we [?]
Spark the kush up, then we get higher
In the sky like a suite on fire
Surround ya ho like we in the Cypher
Choo choo train we finna pipe her
Send her home to you, we didn't wife her

[Verse 4: BeYoung]
Oh no, emergency
BeYoung if ya heard of me
You know I spit that third degree
Hop inside and come skert with me
Don't pay attention to the absurdest things
Can tell by your face that you heard some things
Girl so sad now a turned out freak
She mad cause we permed that weave
[Verse 5: Carter]
They wanna wait and see, they hatin' me
Shit feels great to me (uh huh)
I'm in the place to be
Bum ass n***as can't relate wit me
None of them n***as try and take the Steez
Kill they careers, shit, enough about them (ha)
They wanna hear more about him
Goldman's Warren, you can ask him
Bobby, Ben, you can ask them
Ibn Jasper, ask him too
If I'ma need to know or who's who
And If a chick had to pick, bet it's me she'd choose
Born winner, them no lose
The day I stop, I'll still resume
Born to ride, better check my resume
I'm more Diddy, I'm no Loon
Clown ass n***as got me amused
Hatin' ass hoes got me confused
Talk 'em down, what's a n***a to do?
(Gotta take the good with the bad, my n***a)
All I know, all I know
Is help myself, didn't help my folks
Everything new, can't tell me bro
Shine so hard bet I got them low
Hotel late now I sell that smoke
I didn't at first now inhale that smoke
I let my mamma down, damn I know, I know
But a n***a gotta let go
She so stoked, bought my CD
Tellin' me she love everything he wrote
But a n***a didn't write shit (shit)
I guess he just got that gift (shit)
Curse come with it, kill em with the flow
N***as better hope that a hearse come with it
Get on a song with me? Please (naw)
N***as ain't flowin' with me? Please (naw)
Look it's all on me, I can't help but believe
All work no sleep, I ain't got no dreams
Now cheap talk, kill it
I'm in the game full court, y'all the sideline chillin'
Come out that "H" that's why I'm grillin; (H-Town)
Watch a n***a take it to the carpet to the ceilin' (yeah)
Everywhere I go I'm the livest in the buildin'
All the money in the world couldn't buy that feelin (never)
Couldn't buy that feelin' (naw)
Try to buy that feelin'
Everywhere I go I'm the livest in the buildin'
All the money in the world couldn't buy that feelin'