Alley Boy
Medicated, hella faded
Everyday we turn up it's a celebration
We don't wait for the money just make reservations
3 mollies 2 bitches that's a celebration
If show no kitty you won't get no check
My n***a please don't get me wrong
All the bitches on me, it's ok come on
You n***as hatin', it's a celebration

[Verse 1]
Glitter box in my mouth it's a celebration
Hundred bands on a n***a no hesitation
You can pull up to the trap no reservation
Still strapped, even though I'm on probation
Real A town don n***a, go and face it
New king getting out but I'm underrated
Big pistol in my hand, n***a no safety
50 shots out that Glock, n***a celebrating
Word out, and they got no patience
Lotta n***a reticent and gang banging
These n***as switchin' up Alley ain't changing
Blow'd hundred in a week just celebrating

[Verse 2]
Get money, bitch is robbin' and she gotta pay me
Good girl gone bitch from the late 80'
Got a slim white bitch that tryna act shady
Always scrat the protein with a 3-80
Celebrating, money making
This a million dolla dick, bitch, act crazy
I'ma blood, n***a, bang gazelle, goin' crazy
Ain't nobody run into the money don't be lazy
Fuck cake, n***a, this a celebration
Rob bitch, it wasn't me, it's elimination
Fifty inches in her ass, she out celebratin'
Last n***a tryna mob said he didn't make it


[Verse 3]
I'm celebrating off coke
Get your ass shipped and I ain't talking about poked
Ho ass n***as still acting like [?]
The motherfucking mob around here [?]
Around 50 n***as that's the 504
Only words to the law is "I don't know"
Ain't a bitch at the city that I can't poke
I'm a ratchet ass n***a got rich off dope
I ball with the mob, get money with the mob
Treat a bitch like a tongue and go to sleep in her mouth
Residential to the south and we connecting to the loud
Got a plug in the A n***as know what I'm about