Alley Boy
Man of the Hour
There’s only 15 minutes of fame, n***a
Man up!

Man of the hour![x8]
Seem too strong
Never too low
Seem too strong
All seems low
Man of the hour
I’m the man of the hour (man of the hour)[x3]

[Verse 1:]
I'm the man of the hour
Scrub no sour (scrub no sour)
Tall like them towers (tall like them towers)
Can’t know bout d power (bout d power)
Never too low (never too low)
Never too strong (never too strong)
Seem too strong (seem too strong)
He open up (he open up)
I'm the man of the hour
I’m watchin ma steak
I'm the man of the hour
I'm stacking my bread
I'm the man of the hour
Whatever I must
Can you feel our rep
I still go too hard
No! No!
Hey! Hey!

[Verse 2:]
Hey, first off (what)
Thanks for lettin me be myself (thank you)
Lord knows (what)
Don’t wanna be nobody else, I’m just me (me)
I’m the don (don)
The merit league (what), I’m d one (uno)
Do yo sloppy seconds cause I ain’t got time fo’ dat (no)
Gettin cash, grind money worked Monday non stop
Never had a 9 to 5 cause it’s 24-7
Got a deal when I’m gone 24-7, ain’t gonna add none
5, 10 then I cut dem again, befo’ I lay ma head that’s o 12, 1 AM next day
Dressin room, gettin groomed, holdin out countin cash
No shorts, no foldin out, bulgin out, pockets foldin up
Silk tent vault,pourin up, open d S,open em up, 5 minutes, close em up
Take one craze in d crowd