Alley Boy
Counterfeit [x3]
DJ Victoriouz
DJ Lil Keem

[Chorus:] [x2]
I saw what your boy did is counterfeit
That image you’re kicking it’s counterfeit
She shaking her ass it’s counterfeit
Oh you got a bag in there you’re counterfeit
Counterfeit [x8]

[Verse 1:]
Your watch and your ring is counterfeit
Your neck turning green it’s counterfeit
That necklace plated
The men who returned it swing by the staff and me
I gave him a fake brick when I done his bail
I wrapped it in counterfeit
He seen that we’re rabid fools
Them n*ggas say ooh I put a little sec on it
I got 36 hoes with no nose I hope you don’t open it
I put about a half an ounce right there in the middle
He’s smelling it through his sleep
She got a fat ass I’m cuffing it
Through my ass out so loving it
Bitches hate they say that it’s counterfeit
Still I’m fucking it
Men are for real they’re counterfeit
They say 26 but they counterfeit
They passing 24
2600 just tripping
N*gga that’s counterfeit
I bet when I see you I’ll bust you I’ll go in your pocket
And that ain’t no counterfeit
Bitch we all ran through a million bucks one deal no counterfeit

[Chorus] [x2]

[Verse 2:]
Throw the money like Pac Man Jones
Counterfeit got me 60 pounds of scrub
A million of counterfeit I might buy the dough
Counterfeit I’d trade patchwork I did for the song
Counterfeit bought me boob job straight out of Rome
Counterfeit bought me 30 pair of brand new phones
Counterfeit made me trig every plug in my phone
Counterfeit shot with me I’m gonna pull out the chrome
Bought a brand new Bronco honey
50 grand half a brick you know that’s wrong
Roling for traps talking about you don’t snap
Bitch you ain’t on the map

[Chorus] [x2]

Thank you come again
We mean mother fuckers