Alley Boy
Your Favorite Rapper
[Verse 1: Alley Boy]
Yeah your favorite rapper’s a damn lie
Sneaks lyin n***a boy I testify
I done seen you n***as kind before
It ain’t no way we could be friends, blood shed provoked
It ain’t gonna be a pretty picture I swear to God my n***a
I fuck with real silent killers you won’t hear my n***a
Blood thirsty is the pack like a laughing hyena
You n***a free bitch I can smell the bitch and the..
Here’s the bullet boys n***a digging diamonds and d
I'm at the doorstep n***a didn’t think I come
I’ll have a bottle with friends who betray the Judas
I got a real trap hell runs starters and shooters
These n***as lying through their teeth lining up on me
So we gonna ride in the street, treyvon martin fuck peace
Religion war, crack epidemic
You rappers all gimics and throwin all twenty
This ain’t no pull out grill bitch ey
This ain’t no rent payin bitch ey
These n***as lying they ain't mercing shit
When I throw down he gonna shit and piss

Your favorite rapper’s a damn lie x 8

[Verse 2: Pusha T]
Your favorite rapper’s a damn lie
You can double check this record that I stand by
How real is he if he been paying for his blood ties?
He blood in, he blood out at a blood drive
Red cross, blue shield, blue steel n***a
Gunfight if you ain't' dead be still n***a
And who is you to ever question who’s a real n***a
You never been, you never was, you never will n***a
Ha,Bought mama's Jag in '01
The only hits I had then was a nose run
Dropped "Grindin'", let you hear just how the dope's slung
Then Shot the video where I was buying my dope from
If that ain't' autobiographical the indictment mentions clothes lines and rappers too
Tell me what the fuck I got to prove
To a mother fucker with nothing to lose?
Never, Never been shit ever
Your favorite rapper’s a damn lie x 8

[Verse 3: Alley Boy]
(oooooooh shit)
Desperado guns n***a I got tools for dues
Fuck your labels deals bitch we want ten mill for school
Your n***a pussy in the streets Hollywood they start
Your favorite rapper is a gimic n***a see who you are
But if they say I'm a hater got the idustry fooled
No n***as use to fuck with em say he used to be cool
I draw the line in the sand for them to make their move
I'm just let it get its best knights got real tools
But I ain't hypnotized you see the greed in my eyes
I’m from the streets where easy money be the reason you die
But I got real trust issues I don’t fuck with these n***as
I keep these pussies all around me you ain't gonna sneak me n***a
As the swisher burn slow, blood money count slow
Label duct taped industry n***as remain...
80 bands on my wrist bitch please rappers hide it from jewlers

[Hook x2]
Your favorite rapper’s a damn lie x 8