Goat Level
[Verse 1: Krept]
Don't compare me to these rappers
Please stop all of the noise
There's levels to this shit I've got 50 fucking employees
Rapping ten years straight no breaks there is levels
We are fucking presidential
Where the fuck are your credentials?
I just got a cheque and I spent it on houses
You just got a cheque and you spent it on outfits
Bouncer was in the trap, 'till we got right (you know)
I said "as soon as I blow I'mma get my n***a off white"
You rappers ain't up, stop telling lies
You made p's but you lost it because you clowns weren't penny wise
Respect the rise
I used to sell dead draws
Now I can sell my company like a escort (fuck off)
You don't believe in us (huh?)
Oh, you hate hate
Tell them n***as stop chasing hoes, get your cake straight
Broke n***as, keep chasing gold diggers
It's mad cah n***as with Rollies are the only n***as they date (levels)
Wanna fuck around
You a goner like Kwame
Bus your head, now your hat's red like you Kanye
We can do this your way
We can do this our way
Think your n***as wild, my n***as wilder like Deontay
Turn up to the party
Jacket 3000 like I'm André
Mum your kid blew like Beyoncé
I used to do moves like pilates
Kon was with a MAC like Ariana Grande (ha ha ha ha)
I came out of real estate (then guess what?)
I went back into real estate
Be careful when you drive through the G blocks
Spray your windshield, definition of a screen shot
Man was in GQ, oi Kon', what's the issue?
Bro bought the magazine like Kon', what's the issue?
My bruddas are official but the fucking pigs have 'em
Little Gotti wiling out and got nicked with the cannon, cool
[Verse 2: Konan]
I don't see no challenge
My bracelet cost a Volkswagen
No bragging (big facts)
And if I've got a problem, I won't at him (never)
I ain't doing no chattin'
I'm old fashion
They've been waiting for the main event (they have)
Everybody wants the crown, come and take it then (I dare you)
If it don't make money it ain't making sense (nah)
I had to make ends meet then I made a M (fuck off)
They wanna franchise now they're making offers
In business class but I hated college
The headteacher kicked me out, I never went back
I was sitting in the barbers when I went plat'
My name rings bells like after school
Sold out show we turned your road into carnival
I was sitting in my jail cell scheming
When I was on E-wing
We weren't playing basketball
I sold white and I sold bujj (sold it)
Now I got a restaurant and I don't cook (come see it)
They say your network is your net worth
Probably got half a billi in my phone book (behave)
It's all smoke and mirrors till we count the scores (count 'em up)
Rap game looking like the clout awards
Bally on, running out of stores
Now I get favours from MPs and House of Lords
I'm only settling for better things
They said no tracksuits, I bet they let me in (right)
She told me that my penthouse looks like I play for Arsenal
I told the concierge "bell her in"
Pretty girls wanna beat, wanna pattern
And I didn't plan it but her weave's on a Saturn
This ain't a G-Wagon but there's g's in the wagon
When we catch you we ain't tweeting it happened
[Outro Skit: Megaman]
I want the UK artists' to take it to that next level now
We've been at this level fo-for a minute
We need to take it to that next stage, y'understand what I'm saying
I don't care, at the end of the day, I'm in this for the paper
I love the music, Swizzy loves the music, but we're in it to make money
We turn our hobby into a pay roll
And that's what it's about fam, y'understand what I'm saying
So get your paper man, flinger your dimes you don't dig for ice no more
Put it round our necks
Y'understand what I'm sayin, stunt on people
(stunt on people, stunt on people, stunt on people)