Keep Talking
[Verse 1: Krept]
Suck your mum, foolish prick (fool)
Buss your gun, stop talking shit
If I call Aki
You'll see what a don is, Champagne Papi
Wait, astaghfirullah, bros still got a dawg in the car
Erm, bros on deck
Beef online, no not Krept
Ask my accountant for this year profit
Only time that I'm doing loads on net
If bro come here with extension
Have man bobbing and weaving
I test out the Aventador
That's a Goat in a Lamb
How can I be a Vegan

[Verse 2: Konan]
I can't sit on the fence
Bro had the ting in events
They make subs online
I can't understand I've never been on the bench
Get money and take flights
Before rap I was out late night
Back of the cab with a burner
Like Stefflon Don on a date night
Police lights give me anxiety
Mac D's didn't want to hire me
When me and scab robbed them boxes of magic
I felt like Hermione
Nearly got nicked with a shh
When I say shh I don't mean quietly
Tell these fuck boys stop trying me
Cause my mad friends doing inquiries
[Verse 3: Stormzy]
Young black king I came and I murked it
15 yeah I had a chain but I jerked it
Man can't talk about whips or p's
Got a S class sitting there covered in bird shit (fuck sake man)
You can't even pay what I pay for my permit
Prime time television face like Dermot
L'Oreal flows man they pay cah I'm worth it
Man I've been the boy
Act like you ain't seen the boy
I'm from the dirty south
Can't clean the boy
Man have to call me arena boy
And that's 20 thou' man can't get on my boat
They need my face on the 20 pound note
Turn up the base start letting out volts
Like who wants the smoke?
(Who wants it?)

[Verse 4: Konan]
Letting off smoke
Abu dhabi, getting off boats
Your advance I get it in shows
And a Addison Lee and I get it in notes
They talk bad but they're never involved
Bro's unruly, like poppy
And he's got something in his right hand
But it ain't nothing like coffee
Gratitude is a must
London road bag of yutes on the bus
Come back home bagging food in my mums
Cling film dun 'cause I'm using it up
Sharron's house had dirty floors
On the TV Jersey shore (real life shit)
Suck your mum with a curly straw
[Verse 5: Krept]
Suck your m... no wait
Suck your dad this time
Auntie, Bro, Granddad this time
Bro jump on the dual get jacked this time
My white boy hollered me
Said his new strap quality
Knock knock who is there
Sallam aki isa
Isa who? Its a robbery (bombaclart)
Say your a trapstar that's got to be banter
You're talking cells on cells, that's got to be cancer
Punch in the face mid shakku
Vale got no control, Lukaku
And he got a shotty in the car
Word more black dots than a password

[Verse 6: Cadet]
Look, old money turned to new money
Had that dirty money
Watch me clean it up
Now even n***as we were beefing see the table
Now they trying to pull a seat with us
Nah n***a can't eat with us
See the cakes, and you can eat the dust
Couple n***as trying to beef with us
Cause' their baby mother's getting D from us
But we ain't like them n***as no
Old school, New school
No telling n***a flow
Pull up on them let them n***as know
Big mac, get your head back, your head with a woah
I squeeze on n***as
I reload triggers
Three man down, Yeah man I three throw n***as
Pull up with some old school Bebo n***as
Make n***as take flight, I Heathrow n***as
Head back n***as, I head rap n***as
Permanent on your head man I head tap n***as
Lead cap n***a and I meant that n***a
And its your fault n***a shoulda head back n***a
They nothing like us, ain't on it like us
Never grew from the mud and metal like us
There is no question if the metal might bus
N***a keep talking and BOW!
[Outro: Krept]
Rest in Peace cuz