Ain’t on Nuttin’ (Krept Remix)
[Hook: Yungen & Sneakbo]
Yeah, you say you're all this, and all that
But you ain't all that
Said she take it from the back, man, that was all chat
Yeah, she ain't on that
My n***a, how you mean?
Nah, they ain't on nuttin', nah, they ain't on nuttin'
My n***a, how you mean?
Nah, they ain't on nuttin', nah, they ain't on nuttin'

[Verse 1: Krept]
You see tonight, we're getting cake, hip hooray
Balled out till there's nuttin' left to pay
If one of my dargs brings the mac on in
Have your soul goin' up on a Tuesday
Ask the Heath 'bout pistol paws g
My gonns got pepper, try assault me
Talk black call that Stormzy
(They're not around no more, fam it's all peak)
Fuck your gal and she don't even like plaits
Cah I'm gettin' dough, I'm who the gal wan' trap
She want my DNA, I dunno about that
(Wait what?) DNA. Dunno about that
Show in Neverland, smoking polish
Flex with my chain in Dam, call that Jules Holland
I got a few tings 'round Clapham
Guess we got a few tings in Common
Golden Boy, muj got a block in
So much weight, feds tryna spot 'im
Fuck your stack, spend it on shoppin'
Now I'm tryna find a location I can put a shop in
I'm sick of you dead rappers, I'll murder 'em
I'm fucking fed up, Ferguson
Riots n***a, my squad's shining n***a
'Bout fifty n***as hitting notes that's a choir n***a
Old school Krept talent, quite psychotic
Teacher said I failed to be quite honest
Now I'm probably her highest paid pupil
(Pause) How ironic!
Couple n***as go broke, where ya gwop g?
You stop ballin'? You ain't Henry
Top of this rap ting, somebody stop me
Got her on her knees, giving brain, she's cockney
UK's finest, no buts, no iftcha
Rap? Man wins that. Grime, we can spin that
Features, killed that. Acoustics, ripped that
R 'n' B, pop tunes, I'll spin a fucking rock tune
Club tunes massive, freestyle's classics
Bare rappers only good at one thing, that's it
Raves, festival, TV, rep them all
Boy better know about you rappers? I'm sceptical
Lyrics like bullets, pull the gun on ya
Ghost from a slug, now that's what I call a bugaboo
Untouchable, watch the greatest do it
Tryna get M's g, like Maybach Music