Respect to my Og's before me them n***as show more love around then my homies

I stay by my lonely I'm makin them moves in the trap just to tell my own story

Bout how n***as ignored me, when I had holes in my clothes and how bitches would point at me

Now I'm sayin fuck everything livin my life how I want now they showin some loyalty

Come back wit a 40. N***as is jumpin them gates ain't they wait at the store for me

Now bitches wanna know me but I do not want these hoes they suck dick for some royalty

Ballout like I'm kobe you know that I am a legend might retire early

Bitch boy you vegeta, I'll knock you outta yo sneakers like I am broly

Hit his ass wit a 4 piece if he was talkin that shit cuz I thought he was hungry (huh)

My choppa name dory, Cuz all these bullets keep swimmin don't know where they going

And bitch I'm just flowing please do not come kill my vibe cuz you know where the door be

Don't trust these lil hoe things, fuck em they blow up my phone man I swear they annoying

Can't hold me, I'm broly. I might just ice out my rollie
No these lil hoes can't control me. Leave that lil bitch wit no warning

Movin around like I'm touring. Ain't talkin no money you boring

Yeah Imma be up while you snoring. The dope fuck me up in the morning

And no bitch I'm not just recording. I call up my plug what you wanting

I buss a few juggs now my phone ring. I don't do the dash I'm just rolling

Switch it up, Pull up they like what the fuck. Vine came back in all black meach told em go blast

So they know I'm finna snap. Now they see a n***a mad. Pussy run up all the cash. Bitch you shoulda never lacked

You don't ever lack even where you sleep at. This a jungle boy know you in my habitat

In the wild boy my n***as move wit them straps. They a lay ya ass flat put a sack on ya hat

And my n***as my brothers you know we sum soldiers. Been thru the struggle them streets hold a cold war

I took yo bitch an I ain't even know her, fucked on that girl yeah you know she like water

Made n***as mad lookin over my shoulder. Klutch got my back said he love his new holster

I got the packs of that gas wit my brothers. Rolled it all up an turn up at my show yeah
Can't hold me, I'm broly, I might put some ice on my rollie

Now this Lil bitch call me broski. Did she show you the things that she showed me

I'm sinful, yet holy, that be the trademark of the new me

I'm livin my life stayin lowkey, now back up lil hoe you don't know me.. yeah